How to Choose the Best Visitor Check-in Apps for Your Community

How to Choose the Best Visitor Check-in Apps for Your Community

How to Choose the Best Visitor Check-in Apps for Your Community


The safety and security of your community are of utmost importance, and one way to ensure it is by using visitor check-in apps. These apps are becoming more popular these days, as they help to manage visitor traffic and monitor who enters and exits the premises. However, with so many visitor check-in apps available in the market, it can be quite overwhelming to choose one that perfectly fits your community's needs. In this blog post, we'll help you through the process of selecting the best visitor check-in app for your community.


1. Determine Your Requirements

The first step in picking the right app is to assess your requirements. Consider the size of your community and the number of visitors you receive daily. Determine the level of security you need, such as ID scanning or background checks. Decide on the type of data you want to be collected, such as name, address, phone number, and email. When you know your requirements, you have a better chance of selecting a visitor check-in app that meets those needs.

2. Check its Compatibility

It’s important to choose an app that is compatible with your existing systems, such as your smartphone or tablet brand, and platform. Suppose you are working with Windows, Android, or IOS platforms. In that case, you want to ensure the app you select runs smoothly on your operating system. Check whether the app supports API Integrations as it can enhance your user experience by enabling data sharing between different systems.

3. Evaluate User Interface and Time Savings

Your visitor check-in app should be easy to use, intuitive, and have a sleek user interface. If the app is complicated and confusing, it might slow down visitor traffic and end up frustrating visitors before they even enter the premises. As you look at the different options, evaluate the time it takes for visitors to check in, how data is captured, and how the app can save on time for your front desk staff.

4. Security and Permissions

A good visitor check-in app should have top-notch security features such as ID scanning, facial recognition, background check, and customizable permissions. It’s important to keep in mind the personal data of the visitors the app will be collecting and how secure, private, and accurate that data is. Check for apps with secure cloud storage and a closely monitored network to ensure that all your community's data is optimally protected.

5. Integration with Visitor Management Software

If your workplace has visitor management software, you’ll want to choose a check-in app that integrates with it effectively. The visitor check-in app should share data and enable information to be updated seamlessly. A visitor management system for your premise would provide real-time information about visitors and their movements in and out of your building. Integrating an app with visitor management software provides reliable automation in the management of creating visitor badges, printing visitor logs, and shareable identifications.



Choosing the right visitor check-in app for your community might seem demanding at first, but it is an essential investment to build a secure environment for your business, property, or corporation. The five tips we have shared: determining your requirements, compatibility with your existing systems, evaluating user interface, security, and integration with visitor management software should help you identify an appropriate visitor check-in app that suits the scale and security needs of your community. Remember that a quality visitor check-in app should help streamline your asset's security plan, enhance office efficiency, and create a welcoming and safe environment for your visitors. Contact Entrance IQ today to receive free quotes and end the risk of unwanted intrusions – You and your community deserve it.

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