Why Gatehouse Software is a Must-Have

Why Gatehouse Software is a Must-Have

Why Gatehouse Software is a Must-Have


Ensuring the security of your premises is crucial in today's world, and a manned gatehouse has been the go-to solution for many businesses. However, despite their visible presence, manned gatehouses have their limitations and weaknesses. This blog post will discuss the downfalls of manned gatehouses and how gatehouse software can help. We will also look at how Safehouse Systems' gatehouse software can provide a more reliable and efficient security solution for your business.


1. Weaknesses of manned gatehouses

Manned gatehouses may appear to offer a sense of physical security, but they have numerous drawbacks that can put your business at risk. For instance, having a lone guard at your gate leaves a gap in the monitoring process. The guard may overlook vital aspects of the entry procedures or fail to identify vehicle plates of frequent visitors. Worse still, they can be overpowered by intruders, putting their lives at risk.

2. Gatehouse software: The Ideal Solution

Gatehouse software is an innovative system that provides a more efficient and secure way of managing access to your business premises. It eliminates the need for manned facilities while making the entry process more efficient and secure. With a robust gatehouse software system, you can process visitor information, capture images, scan ID documents, and even run background checks.

3. An Automated Process

One of the benefits of gatehouse software systems is that they allow you to automate the check-in process. With Safehouse Systems' state-of-the-art software, you can record vehicle details, driver information, and take photos of visitors. This streamlines the process, making entry into the premises faster and more efficient. Gatehouse software can also use license plate recognition technology and allow you to set access levels. Thus, you can restrict access to certain areas of the premises.

4. Real-Time Monitoring

Gatehouse software provides real-time monitoring of the entry and exit process. This feature ensures that any suspicious activity is identified and acted upon in real-time. Safehouse Systems' gatehouse software provides a dashboard that enables security personnel to track every vehicle that enters and exits the site. This ensures that they can closely monitor the activity in and around the premises.

5. Additional benefits of Gatehouse software

Apart from enhanced security, gatehouse software comes with several additional benefits, such as the ability to generate detailed visitor reports. These reports provide valuable data for analyzing visitor traffic and identifying any improvements needed. In addition, gatehouse software can provide real-time traffic updates, access logs, and automated risk assessment. This makes it easier to identify high-risk visitors and vehicles.



In conclusion, manned gatehouses have their limitations, and gatehouse software provides a more reliable and effective security solution. Safehouse Systems offers cutting-edge software that enables businesses to streamline their entry and exit processes while enhancing security. With gatehouse software, you can eliminate the need for manned gatehouses, automate your procedures, and get real-time monitoring. Get in touch with Safehouse Systems today for a free quote and experience the efficiency and security of their gatehouse software.

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