Understanding Gated Community Visitor Management

Understanding Gated Community Visitor Management

Understanding Gated Community Visitor Management

Visitors, repairs, deliveries—no matter the motivation for a visit, it is critical to know who somebody is before you allow them past the gate. Security personnel and property owners alike can count on the advanced technology of visitor management systems to improve security and simplify operations.

A gate that restricts access to a community or property is only the initial step in developing a secure area. An up-to-date visitor management system is critical to guaranteeing your property is as safe as possible.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management is a general term that concerns gathering information to track guests, control access, and protect against nuisance. Visitor management is hardly one size fits all. Different industries and places often have differing demands, so having a solution created for your endeavor is paramount in guaranteeing a comprehensive system.

We offer visitor software designed for gated communities to help track visitors and control access. This process facilitates enforcement of protocols and compliance, shields identities, adds safety protection, guards assets, defends against nuisance, and improves guest, resident, and worker experience.

Gated communities can easily track who enters the property. If a guest that does not live in the gated community wants to enter the property, our visitor management system helps your security team check them into the property as a visitor. Frequent guests, such as housekeepers, lawn care professionals, or nannies, can be indexed accordingly for a more simple process and deleted from these groups if their duties end. In addition, residents can be notified instantly through SMS text as soon as one of their guests or employees enters the community.

Why an Up-to-Date Visitor Management System Essential for Gated Communities?

Residents decide to live in a gated community for more comprehensive safety and security. The mere presence of an entry gate may discourage some potential wrongdoers. Still, comprehensive visitor management systems are the next level in security, guaranteeing you know everyone who is entering the community. With proper visitor management, you can learn critical details about all individuals that want to enter the community, including if they have previously been banned. In addition, time-stamped records are readily exported when required.

Our visitor software allows property owners to:

  • Group people
  • Keep track of who is penetrating the property
  • Document every visit (time, location, etc.)
  • Export time-stamped guest records
  • Securely keep data in the cloud or on local storage

Our visitor management software is a crucial upgrade from outdated manual approaches, which can be labor-intensive and inconsistent. For example, older systems need someone to type out or write down information, which takes time and is inclined to human error.

Our visitor software solution for gated communities eradicates the possibility of human error. Plus, our system's security requirements will discourage potential criminals from even trying to enter. This can stop potential criminals from targeting your community.

If your gated community needs even more comprehensive layers of security, our visitor software can meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your community safer.

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