Understanding Common HOA Laws on Guard Gates

Understanding Common HOA Laws on Guard Gates

Understanding Common HOA Laws on Guard Gates


Living in a homeowners association (HOA) comes with different responsibilities, and one of them is ensuring the safety and security of the community. Guard gates, also known as security gates, are a prevalent feature in gated communities, and they help restrict access to only residents and their guests. In this blog post, we will be discussing common HOA laws that regulate guard gates and their importance to the community. We will also introduce you to Safehouse Systems, a company that provides guard gate App solutions for HOAs.


1. Understanding the Purpose of Guard Gates in HOA Communities

The primary function of a guard gate is to increase security in an HOA community. By controlling entry and exit into the community, unauthorized individuals are deterred from entering and the community's safety is enhanced. Guard gates also serve as a decorative feature for some communities, adding an extra aesthetic appeal.

2. Common HOA Laws on Guard Gates

HOA laws on guard gates vary depending on the state, but some regulations cover most states. For instance, guard gates must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which means they have to be accessible to people with disabilities. Additionally, the HOA must make sure the gate is not obstructing or blocking public streets. Also, HOAs must ensure that the gates do not affect emergency response times and response procedures.

3. The Importance of HOA Laws on Guard Gates

HOAs are required to enforce laws on guard gates to protect the interests of the community. Adhering to these laws promotes fairness, security, and control of entry and exit into the community. Additionally, enforcing these laws ensures that the community complies with all local and state laws, reducing the risk of liability for the HOA. Everyone in an HOA community is entitled to feeling safe, and guard gates help achieve that safety on a community level.

4. Introducing Safehouse Systems

Are you an HOA board member looking for a reliable solution for managing your guard gates? Safehouse Systems is an innovative solution that provides guard gate App services to make managing the gate easier and more efficient. This app will enable you to keep track of gate access, customize access settings, schedule visitor access, and much more. With Safehouse Systems, your community's safety and security are in great hands.

5. Benefits of Safehouse Systems

Safehouse Systems guard gate App provides various benefits for HOAs. First, it allows board members to review gate access data, which can help detect security threats. Secondly, it enables customized access settings that cater to your community's unique needs. Additionally, it allows board members to approve visitor access schedules online, improving security. Finally, it simplifies the gate access process, saving time and money.



HOA laws on guard gates exist to enhance the safety, security, and orderliness of your community. As an HOA board member, it is crucial to understand these laws and enforce them. If you're looking for guard gate app, Safehouse Systems is a fantastic solution for making HOA management easier and more efficient. Contact them today for a free quote!

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