Tips on Conducting a Resident Satisfaction Survey

Tips on Conducting a Resident Satisfaction Survey

Tips on Conducting a Resident Satisfaction Survey


Every property owner or housing management company aims to provide top-notch services to their residents. After all, happy and satisfied residents are the key to success and creating a welcoming community. To achieve this, conducting a resident satisfaction survey is critical. You need to get feedback from residents to understand their needs and pain points and improve their experiences. Here are some tips on conducting a successful resident satisfaction survey.


Determine your goals and objectives

You need to define the goals and objectives of the satisfaction survey before conducting it. Think about the things you want to achieve from the survey and what kind of feedback you want to get. You can ask questions about community amenities, customer service, maintenance and repairs, communication methods, and other aspects of living in the community. Once you define your goals, then you can have a clear idea of your survey's structure.

Survey format

You can conduct your survey in various formats, such as online surveys, paper surveys, phone interviews, or face-to-face meetings. You need to pick the one which best suits your audience and community. It would be best if you also considered the methods of distribution and collection, such as email, mail, or community leasing or office.

Keep it Short and Simple

You need to keep your survey as concise and straightforward as possible. Only ask relevant questions and avoid asking too many questions. Residents are more likely to complete a survey that is straight to the point and doesn't take too much time. Moreover, using simple language and terms that people can understand can also help to improve participation and engagement.

Incentives and Feedback

You can encourage residents to participate in the survey by offering incentives like raffle prizes, discounts, or free services. You should also let residents know that their feedback is valued and will be used to improve their living experience. After collecting the feedback, it's essential to provide a summary and action plan to residents. Let them know what improvements will be made based on the feedback.

Review and Learn from Feedback

Finally, after collecting and analyzing the feedback, it's time to review and learn from it. Identify where the community needs improvement and what worked well. Use the feedback to make strategic decisions to enhance resident satisfaction and experience.



In conclusion, conducting a resident satisfaction survey is crucial for property owners and housing management companies, and it can help to create a welcoming and happy community. Remember to keep the survey short and simple, offer incentives and feedback, and review and learn from the feedback. At Safehouse Systems, we understand the importance of resident satisfaction, and we can provide you with a gated community visitor software for better security and guest management. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us help you improve your resident's satisfaction.

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