Securing Your Co-Working Space

Securing Your Co-Working Space

Securing Your Co-Working Space


Working from a co-working space is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. The collaboration, networking, and shared resources of these spaces are invaluable. However, with increased access to your workspace comes an increased need for security. How do you make sure that your sensitive information remains safe while still allowing visitors and customers into your workspace? Read on to find out!

Visitor Management System

The first step in creating a secure co-working space is implementing a visitor management system. This system allows for an organized way of tracking who is coming into your workspace, when they arrived, and what their purpose of visit is. It also allows for contactless check-ins and helps ensure that everyone entering the space has been preapproved by authorized personnel. Safehouse Systems offers a visitor check-in app that can help you manage all of this information quickly and securely.


Security Cameras & Monitored Alarms

Installing security cameras throughout your co-working space can help deter crime while also providing video evidence should something occur in or around your workspace. Additionally, monitored alarms provide 24/7 surveillance to alert authorities should any suspicious activity be detected at any time of day or night. Having both of these measures in place will keep you informed about any potential threats to your property as well as provide greater peace of mind for employees working at the office late at night or early in the morning.


Access Control Measures

Finally, implementing access control measures is essential to making sure that only authorized personnel has access to sensitive areas within your workspaces such as server rooms or offices containing confidential information. Access control systems allow you to set different levels of access depending on employee roles and responsibilities within the company as well as restrict entry based on certain dates or times if needed. They also provide detailed logs of who accessed which areas and when so that you can track activity with ease.


Security should always be top priority when running a business, especially if you are operating out of a co-working space with multiple tenants sharing one facility. With the right measures in place—such as a visitor management system, security cameras & alarms, and access control systems—you can rest assured that your workspace is secure from potential threats while still allowing customers and visitors through its doors safely and efficiently. For more information about getting started with our visitor check-in app for managing visitors at your co-working space, contact Safehouse Systems today!

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