Promising Gated Security Technologies for Communities

Promising Gated Security Technologies for Communities

Promising Gated Security Technologies for Communities


In today's world, security has become a critical issue, and protecting our homes and communities has become a top priority. The good news is that technology has advanced significantly, and various security systems are available to safeguard our homes and communities. One such technology is the Gated Security System. A Gated Security System is an electronic security system installed at the entrance of a community, which controls the flow of traffic in and out of the community. This system not only provides peace of mind but also increases the value of properties. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the promising gated security technologies for communities.


1. Biometric entry systems

Biometric entry systems are a type of security system that uses unique physical or behavioral characteristics of a person to identify them and grant access. Fingerprint and facial recognition are the common biometric entry systems used today. These systems are highly effective and provide hyper-accurate identification.

2. License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition is another popular gated security system used by communities. This technology automatically reads and captures vehicle registration plate numbers and matches it with the community's database. If the license plate number is not on the community's database, the system denies access.

3. Virtual Doorman Services

Virtual doorman services are a new advancement in gated security systems. By utilizing live monitoring via CCTV cameras, a virtual doorman can monitor and manage the flow of traffic in and out of the community. This is an incredibly efficient system that provides residents with exceptional security services.

4. Smart Intercom

A smart intercom system is another promising gated security technology for communities. With a Smart Intercom, residents can manage access control through their mobile phones. It enables residents to see and grant access to visitors through the intercom system. A departure from traditional intercom systems, the smart intercom is a highly-rated security technology.

5. Visitor Management Solutions

Finally, Visitor management solutions are the perfect technology for communities that experience a high volume of visitors. These systems permit visitors to sign-in and get clearance before entering the community. With visitor management solutions, residents enjoy a greater level of control over visitors entering their community.



Gated security technologies are essential for homes and communities. As crime continues to rise, homeowners and communities must take steps to safeguard their properties. From biometric entry systems to visitor management solutions, gated security systems continue to evolve, improving the security of homes and communities. Safehouse Systems is leading the way in promoting security technologies to promote better and safer communities. Contact them today and get a free quote of the latest and most advanced gated security systems for your home or community.

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