Maximize Features of the Guard Gate App

Maximize Features of the Guard Gate App

Maximize Features of the Guard Gate App


Safehouse Systems is your go-to source for a guard gate app system. With their state-of-the-art technology, you can keep track of who is entering and leaving your premises in real time with ease. The app includes multiple features that allow you to monitor entry and exit times, as well as create an audit trail for all visitors. Let’s take a look at how to maximize these features so that you get the most out of this guard gate app system.

Customizing Your Settings

The first step to maximizing the features of the guard gate app is customizing your settings to fit your needs. Depending on what type of company or organization you have, your settings may vary from others. You can adjust notification thresholds, set up role-based access control, and customize user interface elements like colors, logos, fonts and more. These settings will help you better monitor who is coming and going through your gates so that you are always aware of any unauthorized entries or exits.


Create Audit Trails

Another way to maximize the features of the guard gate app is by creating audit trails for all visitors. An audit trail allows you to view information about each visitor such as the date and time they were admitted into the facility, when they exited the premises, how long they stayed inside, and so on. This data can be used to create detailed reports about each visitor for any given period of time. This helps ensure greater security within your premises by allowing you to identify patterns or trends that could indicate potential risks or threats from malicious individuals or groups.


Notifications & Alerts

Finally, one of the best ways to maximize the features of this guard gate app system is by setting up notifications and alerts for certain events or activities occurring within your facilities. For example, if someone tries to enter without proper authorization, then this would trigger an alert which would be sent directly to security personnel so that they can take immediate action if needed. Furthermore, notifications can also be sent out when someone has been granted access after hours or when a certain number of people have entered or left the premises at once—which could indicate an emergency situation requiring quick response from authorities.

Safehouse Systems offers an intuitive guard gate app system designed with users in mind; it’s easy-to-use interface makes it easy for everyone from beginners all the way up to experts in security systems management to utilize its full potential quickly and efficiently. By customizing settings, creating audit trails for each visitor, and setting up notifications & alerts when needed—you can make sure that no suspicious activity goes unnoticed while also ensuring maximum safety throughout all areas of your facility! Contact Safehouse Systems today if you need a reliable guard gate app system!

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