A Guide to Entering a Managed Property

A Guide to Entering a Managed Property

A Guide to Entering a Managed Property


Living in a managed property means enjoying the benefits of security and convenience. However, it also means having to navigate the entry process that ensures only authorized individuals enter the premises. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of how residents and permanent guests can enter a managed property. We will also introduce you to Safehouse Systems, a guard gate software that can streamline the entry process and enhance your security measures.


1. Resident Entry

If you are a resident of a managed property, you will have an access card or a key fob that allows you to enter the property through a designated gate or entrance. Depending on the property’s policies, you may need to show your ID or register your vehicle to be granted entry. Once you have entered the property, you may be required to park in a specific area, depending on your assigned parking spot. Some properties also have additional security measures, such as security cameras or on-site guards, to ensure your safety.

2. Permanent Guest Entry

If you have a permanent guest, such as a live-in partner or a family member, they will need to be registered with the property’s management. They will be issued their own access card or key fob, and their information will be recorded for security and accountability purposes. They may also be required to undergo a background check or provide documentation to verify their identity and relationship to the resident.

3. Temporary Guest Entry

If you have a guest who will be staying with you temporarily, such as a friend or a relative, you will need to inform the property’s management of their visit. You may be required to provide their name, contact information, and duration of stay. Upon their arrival, they will be granted entry through the main gate or entrance and will be issued a temporary access pass or a visitor’s pass. The pass will usually expire after a certain period, and the guest will need to leave the property unless they have obtained a longer-term entry permit.

4. Safehouse Systems

Safehouse Systems is a guard gate software that can simplify and enhance the managed property entry process. It is designed to integrate with existing security hardware, such as gate controllers, cameras, and access readers, to automate the entry and exit of authorized individuals. It can also generate detailed logs, alerts, and reports for property managers to monitor and manage the entry process and prevent unauthorized access. By using Safehouse Systems, managed property residents can enjoy a smoother and safer entry experience, and property managers can save time and resources in managing the entry process.

5. How to Get Safehouse Systems

If you are interested in using Safehouse Systems for your managed property, you can contact their team to get a free quote and consultation. They will work with you to understand your specific needs and recommend the best solution for your property. With Safehouse Systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that your entry process is secure, efficient, and hassle-free.



Entering a managed property can be a complex process, but it is essential for maintaining the safety and security of the community. By understanding the entry procedures for residents and guests, and by using modern guard gate software such as Safehouse Systems, you can ensure that the entry process is both secure and efficient. Contact Safehouse Systems today to learn more about their solutions for managed property entry.

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