Gated Community Tailgating

Gated Community Tailgating

Gated Community Tailgating

Regardless of how a gated community manages gatehouse access control, tailgating is the most burdensome aspect of gate security. Tailgating is when an unauthorized vehicle follows an authorized resident into a gated community when the gate is still open. Tailgating is familiar to almost all gated communities and often damages the community's main point of entry.

There are various ways for a neighborhood to fight unauthorized access through tailgating. Hardware solutions include gate arms designed to supply access to a single vehicle before closing. These anti-tailgating gates are called "Barrier Arms" or "Barrier Gates" and are available in various shapes and sizes. Barrier Gates present a fairly inexpensive way to stop tailgating but often drive problems with residents as the progress in community security comes at the expense of convenience. Barrier Gates considerably delay traffic in big communities and can generate long lines during rush hour. The gate arms are also problematic if the arm comes in contact with an automobile of a driver who is ignorant that only a single car can move through the gate before it shuts. A gated community must consider the cost of improved security against the reduction in convenience and the chance of frequent gate damage, and the associated upkeep and repair expenses.

Some communities prefer to allow tailgating but take steps to guarantee that every automobile that enters the gate is documented. Normally this is done by installing security cameras at the gate access. While this technique does not enhance the gated community's security, it does offer the power to audit and examine all unauthorized vehicle entries. If criminal activity happens in the community, the security unit can access recordings of gate entries and often supply data on suspects to law enforcement. In addition, cameras at the community entrance point are a deterrent to would-be criminals penetrating the gate.

Some new companies have created integrated camera and entry control systems. These developments offer hardware and software that delivers enhanced security and convenience for gated communities without purchasing pricey hardware like Barrier Gates.

We offer a newly developed access control system with integrated entrance access and camera recording. Our platform permits residents to open their gates with their phones from anywhere, eliminating the demand for access codes, clickers, or keyfobs. The gate cameras are activated whenever a gate is opened and document all activity from the gate opening to the gate closing. These video recordings are saved in the cloud, so security officers can review all vehicle gate entries if needed. In addition, our tools support license plate recognition and object detection, so security experts can easily set up alerts or explore for any unauthorized vehicles that entered by tailgating.

Many property managers feel that tailgating is a top concern for residents in gated communities. Barrier Gates provide a hardware solution that enhances security while making entry to a community more challenging for authorized and unauthorized vehicles. In addition, newer gatehouse access control systems solutions offer integrated entry control and camera functionality, which does not stop tailgating but permits greater convenience and adequate security auditing. Property managers and community residents must find the proper balance between security and comfort when combating tailgating.

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