Gate Access Control Systems - Best Practices for Installing

Gate Access Control Systems - Best Practices for Installing

Gate Access Control Systems - Best Practices for Installing

As a homeowner or a business owner, we all want to ensure the safety of our premises at all times. Installing gate access control systems can help us do just that. Gate access control systems are an electronic security system that grants or denies access to a property, building, or other protected area. It can be employed in different settings like homes, businesses, gated communities, schools, churches, etc., to monitor and restrict the entry or exit of vehicles, people, and equipment. However, before installing the access control system, we need to consider a lot of things and follow best practices to get optimum security.

Installation Location

The first step should be to decide the location for installing the gate access control system. It should be at a convenient spot such that the driver of the vehicle will have easy access to activate the system. It should not be too far away or blocked by any obstacle. The location should be well-lit, easily visible, and secure from thieves.

Types of Access Control System

Based on the type of property you own, there are many different types of gate access control systems available in the market. There are keypads, card readers, or biometric sensors that can be used to permit access. Keycards or a fob can be issued to allow for remote access, so visitors can enter without having to get out of their vehicle. A keypad or motion detector device can be used to detect unauthorized access and alert the authorities.

Integration with Other Systems

The gate access control system should seamlessly integrate with other security systems that you have installed. Integration with CCTV systems and intercom systems allows visual and audio communication between the visitor and the resident. You can also install automatic license plate recognition software (ALPR) to read license plates, which enhances tracking of vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Power Source and Backup

Power is essential for the smooth functioning of the access control system. You can choose between an AC or DC source, which can either be mains-operated or run by solar power. However, power outages can lead to admission delays and might make the system non-functional. To handle such situations, it is necessary to have a backup power supply in place.


Maintaining the electronic systems is crucial to keep them functioning for an extended period. Regular inspection helps to avoid breakdowns and enhances system efficiency. Scheduled calibration of sensors, clearing dust build-up, and checking fault systems can help to prevent downtime. It is important to select quality hardware in the installation process, this will help an easy maintenance process.



Gate access control systems provide an extra layer of security to homes, businesses, churches, etc. Installation of such a system may seem straightforward, but it requires careful consideration of various factors. You need to think about the location, power source, integration with other systems, and maintenance of the system, to avoid any mishaps.  At Safehouse Systems, we offer different kinds of gate access control systems with expert guidance from installation to maintenance, to ensure maximum security, and to meet your requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote.

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