Features and Functionality of a Guard Gate App

Features and Functionality of a Guard Gate App

Features and Functionality of a Guard Gate App


Are you tired of manually handling visitor management at your facility's entrance? Do you want a more secure and efficient way to ensure no unwanted individuals enter your premises? Good news for you - Guard Gate Apps are a solution to all your problems. Safehouse Systems has developed a guard gate app that is the perfect solution for your facility. In this blog post, we will discuss the features and functionality of a guard gate app and why you should choose Safehouse Systems.


Real-time Notifications

With our guard gate app, you will receive real-time notifications of all visitors, deliveries, or any suspicious activities at your facility's entrance. This way, you will always know who is coming in and going out. You can also set up custom notifications to suit your needs, which will help to avoid missed delivery or pickup of packages.

Integrated Check-in

Our guard gate app can be easily integrated into your preexisting access control system, making it easier and faster for visitors to enter your facility. This prevents long lines and delays at your facility's entrance, ultimately ensuring optimal security.

Secure Entry Management

The guard gate app provides an easy and effective way to manage visitors to your facility. It allows you to create visitor profiles, edit appointment details, and create alerts for VIP guests. This system also ensures that all visitors are tagged with a picture, ensuring that no one can use someone else's details to gain entry.

Digital Record Keeping

Our guard gate app allows you to keep an automatic record of all visitors and their information. You can quickly and easily access this information whenever you need it, without having to sift through stacks of paper. This also ensures you are compliant with regulations in case there is an emergency.

Customizable Dashboard

The guard gate app enables users to customize the dashboard according to their facility's needs. This will help different users, including facility management, security, and supervisors, quickly access the information they need, making the whole process easier and user-friendly.



Safehouse Systems guard gate app has become the go-to security solution for businesses all over the world. Our app provides many exceptional features and benefits, such as real-time notifications, integrated check-in, secure entry management, digital record-keeping, and a customizable dashboard. All these features ensure that your facility's security is top-notch, and it is easy for you to manage your visitors, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter. If you are considering using a guard gate app for your premises, then Safehouse Systems is the perfect solution. Contact us today for a free quote and experience the best security for your facility!

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