Avoid These Common Visitor Check-in Mistakes

Avoid These Common Visitor Check-in Mistakes

Avoid These Common Visitor Check-in Mistakes


Visitor check-in is an important part of any business’s security system. It helps you keep track of who visits your facility and when they visited, so you can protect the safety of your employees and customers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes that business owners make when it comes to visitor check-in. This can lead to security risks, so it's important to be aware of these common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not Requiring Signatures for Visitor Logs

It's essential to have visitors sign in on some kind of log or register as part of their check-in process. This allows you to keep track of who has been in the building, when they were there, and any other information that may be relevant (such as the purpose of their visit). Without this step, it's impossible to know who has been in the building at any given time.


Mistake #2: Not Utilizing Technology

In today’s world, technology is one of the best tools available for improving security systems—and visitor check-in is no exception. Using a visitor management system or app like Safehouse Systems can simplify the process by automating many tasks like registration and tracking visitors through the premises. This makes it easier for staff members to manage visitors while also providing valuable data that can be used for future analysis. Plus, using technology ensures accuracy and timeliness—something that manual processes can't always guarantee.


Mistake #3: Not Having Clear Policies & Procedures

Every business should have a clear policy regarding visitor check-in procedures—including what type of identification is required for visitors and how long they are allowed to stay on site. These practices should also be clearly communicated from staff members during the check-in process so that visitors know what to expect before entering your facility. It's also important that all staff members are properly trained on these procedures so they know how to handle each situation appropriately.

Visitor check-in is an integral part of any business security system, but unfortunately, it’s often overlooked or done incorrectly due to lack of awareness about common mistakes or outdated manual procedures. Utilizing technology such as Safehouse Systems' visitor management system can help streamline the process by automating many tasks while also providing valuable data about your visitors which can be used for future analysis and planning purposes. To get started with a secure visitor check-in process, contact us today!

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