Access Control Systems for Gated Communities

Access Control Systems for Gated Communities

Access Control Systems for Gated Communities

Gated communities and individually gated properties are likely among the safest places to live in most of America. The high-security attributes supplied by electric smart gates allow occupants to rest easily behind the gates while appreciating easy access to their property.

In gated communities, residents have a controlled access point. Anything risking the safety of the houses within the gate must first go through the access point. It renders much criminality useless because electric security gates hinder their efforts.

In addition to improved safety, gated community residents also appreciate the presence of social amenities. Some include pools, others have gyms and extensive outdoor areas to unwind. Each community is different, so you and your family can do what you want within the confines of a security gate system. You can relax knowing the area is safe and secure. Access control varies in gated communities, and some systems are more pleasing than others. Property technology advances all the time, but here are some most popular gate access control systems you might see in gated communities:


Intercoms are intercommunication devices that act like door phones to communicate inside a building. Intercom systems sustain two-way communication between people, generally a resident and their guests. The intercom is older technology, and you've likely seen it used in apartments. Intercoms can be just audio or video too.

An intercom delivers security because you see who is at the door or gate before you give them entry. However, in a bigger community, this can be awkward. For instance, if many new people come over during a holiday, it can generate a line at the gate because each guest must call the house they're visiting. Not everybody answers immediately. This system is sensitive to vandalism, too. Repairing a cracked screen isn't inexpensive.

Intercom systems come with the following features:

  • Video Calling – You can view who is at your gate before allowing them in.
  • Voice commands – You can talk over the phone for your gate to open and permit your guest entry. The problem here is if you desire to give someone entry when no one else is in the home, you can't.
  • Property managers can add or terminate residents accessing the property by giving or removing virtual keys and entry PINs. The power to give PINs out is significant, but you need to trust the individual you give the PIN; otherwise, they might end up sharing it. Managing PIN distribution over an entire community isn't uncomplicated.
  • Property managers can use the system to revise the residents' directory.

Doorking Control Systems

Doorking control systems deliver customizable access solutions to American property owners and managers seeking to regulate community access. Unlike different control systems, Doorking accommodates an expansive range of entry devices. It's helpful if you want to patrol the physical number of automobiles penetrating the property. However, it can fall flat if the system stops homeowners from entering the community because others have guests.

The system offers:

  • An automatic gate system that controls the number of automobiles and individuals entering the neighborhood. It can be valuable if the entrance leads straight to a parking lot with a limited amount of spaces.
  • Controlled entry to apartment complexes and gated residences.

Doorking control system technology is obtainable in different kinds:

  • Multi-door entry controllers
  • Telephone entry controls for big, medium-sized, and little communities
  • Vehicle barrier gates, tire spikes, and signage for managing vehicle traffic inside the community
  • Magnetic locks
  • Key switches for doors
  • Gate operators
  • Gate and door card readers

These are some gate access control systems available for your gated community. Contact us today to learn more about our gate access solutions. We want to keep your community safe!

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