What SafeHouse Systems Can Do for Your Community

What SafeHouse Systems Can Do for Your Community

What SafeHouse Systems Can Do for Your Community

SafeHouse Systems is a security gate software company that has been in the industry since 1992. We offer a gated residential software solution that provides convenient integration through your tablet or computer system, easy operation with a resident APP, security processing of guests within 60 minutes of training, smart technology with system rules that prevent errors, and fast processing of ten seconds or less for guests on the list.

Our gated residential software solutions make it easy for your gated community to maintain the highest level of safety with ease. We cover all the bases for gate security management so you can relax and let advanced visitor management software work for you.

Admin Module

Our admin module allows key Homeowner Association members to manage access control devices and resident information. With a single interface, the user creates homeowner accounts and assigns their secure credentials in real-time. In addition, the admin module allows you single sign-on capability with local client installation or browser-based access for managing access control devices and resident information like owners, renters, children, and roommates. You can also manage resident guest lists and share guests between household members.

Entry Module

The entry module is the foundation of our software. It is easy to operate, adapt, and modify to your needs, expectations, and specifications. Our software is optimized to provide efficiency with security officer guest processing at an average of 10 seconds per visitor. Our competitors' processing times average at more than 30 seconds per guest. In addition, the entry module allows advanced searches for resident information, turn-back tracking for unapproved guests, resident key issuing and tracking, unlimited emergency contact lists, custom party lists for special events, community-wide contractor lists, and much more.

Gate Control Module

Gate control is integrated with the admin module. Each access control device, whether a barcode, key fob, transponder, etc., is read by gate control in real-time with simultaneous and equal database access. It operates on a secured independent network that guarantees excellent reliability, stability, and performance. Our software functions across devices and interfaces with various access control devices to maintain accountability for guest entry and exit from your community. The system can operate as a standalone solution or integrate with our visitor management system to program every gate and secured area in the community from a single screen. The program allows you to determine which users have access to specific areas and apply restrictions down to dates, days of the week, and hours of the day.

WebGuest Module

This module allows residents to manage guest lists through a resident APP or secured web page access. It permits residents to add deliveries, services, or guests quickly, register multiple devices per household, manage their guest lists, manage up to 4 contact numbers, view guest history for the last 30 days, enable email or SMS notifications of guest arrival, and more!

This is just a taste of what SafeHouse Systems offers your gated community. Contact us today for more information about how we can make your community more secure.

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