Understanding Gate Security Systems

Understanding Gate Security Systems

Understanding Gate Security Systems

Implementing the correct gate security system is one of the most crucial aspects of creating or supervising a gated community. Although there are plenty of designs, some are more useful than others. An illustration of a distinguished security system is a gate intercom design.

Continue reading this guide from our experts on security gate software to learn more about gate security and how to locate the best security solutions for your gated community.

What are gate security systems?

A gate security system is an access control resolution that addresses vehicle and pedestrian entry into a gated parcel. These security systems are seen at apartment complexes, retail warehouses, office locations, schools, and assisted living establishments.

The objective of a gated community is to form a physical barrier between the property and the surrounding vicinity. For example, the gate stops unauthorized individuals or automobiles from entering the property. And a security system enables access for authorized personnel while refusing others entry to the neighborhood.

Gate security approaches with cameras are favorably advised because they permit property staff to catch unauthorized entry in real time. And if your community experiences high traffic volumes, you can also view the security footage of a particular time to recognize questionable activities.

Kinds of security gate access control

After you've evaluated your gated property's safety needs, it's time to choose the kind of security gate access control to install. The majority of the determination comes down to the scope of the gated property, whether you require additional wiring, and whether it's for pedestrians or automobiles.

Here are the most common styles of entry gate security systems:

  • Pedestrian gate entry control
  • Vehicle gate entry control
  • RFID gate safety system
  • Smartphone gate safety system

There are four kinds of gate security systems.

1. Pedestrian gate entry control

Pedestrian gate entry control systems best fit gated neighborhoods that welcome foot traffic through their gate. The best strategies to control pedestrian access include:

  • Entrance intercoms
  • Entrance keypads
  • Key cards and key fobs

With these systems, pedestrians present their entry credentials to unlock the gate. Once their identity and credential are verified, the gate unlocks. Some gates automatically open after they unlock, while others must be pulled open by the pedestrian.

2. Vehicle gate entry control

You need automobile gate entry control if your gated neighborhood has to manage access for vehicles penetrating and leaving the property. An automobile gate security plan provides the most helpful way to prevent tailgating when an unauthorized car follows directly behind an authorized automobile to enter the parcel while the gate is open. Gate safety approaches prevent tailgating by observing and documenting all vehicle entrances, requiring each motorist to present access credentials, and specifying the time the gate remains open.

3. RFID entrance security system

Installing an RFID entry control system is one method to maintain security at your gate. RFID (radio frequency identification) readers emit radio waves to communicate with RFID tags in an entry card or fob. With an RFID system at your gate, only approved tenants and staff can enter the property.

4. Smartphone entrance security system

Wireless gate safety systems that utilize residents' smartphones as entry credentials rank among the leading options for gate entry control. A smartphone-based security plan lets residents unlock the gate from their smartphones. As a result, only approved tenants can penetrate the property — but they can still unlock the entrance for their guests directly from their smartphones.

We hope this helps you better understand gate security systems. Contact us today to learn more about our security gate software to keep your neighborhood safe.

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