Types of Gate Access Programs to Use in Your Gated Community

Types of Gate Access Programs to Use in Your Gated Community

Types of Gate Access Programs to Use in Your Gated Community

Living in a gated community offers many perks to residents, as it is an exclusive, luxury, and safe neighborhood to call home. When you live in one of these communities, you gain access to security features that are not common in many other neighborhoods, which is appealing for those looking for more privacy and safety in their lives. Visitors are monitored closely by security features like security gate software, guard apps, security guards, and more. In fact, there are many different types of gate access programs to use in your gated community.

Parts of the Gate Access Technology

When you drive up to the entrance of your gated community, you trust that the technology will allow you entrance by performing a particular job. There are three main components to every gate access system, including:

  • A gate opener
  • Electronic or magnetic lock system
  • Access code or feature to enable resident access

When these are not offered, the gated community will likely have a guard app that manually is able to grant access into the community.

Types of Gate Access Systems


Intercom systems are an incredibly popular way for residents to access entrance into their community. These systems allow you to easily grant yourself access, but it is also helpful in granting access to any visitors. Visitors will be able to call the residents and ask them to grant access through the gates. Then, the residents can open the gates remotely with their code.

Radio Frequency Gate Access

The technology known as radio frequency identification is frequently used to grand residnets access to their community. With this technology, you can use a scanner to recognize data that is stored inside a tag with radio waves. Typically, this means that residents will have some type of keycard or key fob with this data on it. Every card will also be entered into the system for tracking and monitoring purposes. The downside of this technology is that it only allows access to authorized users, which can be difficult for those with large families or frequent visitors.


One of the simplest methods of gate access is the use of keypads. Keypads allow you to enter a designated code or pin to open the gate. Once residents drive up to the keypad, they just have to manually enter their code into the keypad, and that will activate the gate to open. Keypad access systems are often the most affordable for the community, as it does not require expensive technology or individual cards or fobs for each guest. However, it also requires residents to always remember their pin, which does not always happen. It can also be difficult to access the keypad from inside the vehicle, so these are best used for pedestrian accessible gates, which are not common in these communities.

Living in a gated community allows you to have privacy and security while still being able to enjoy the company of visitors. When you are looking for ways to track visitors and residents in your community, contact us to hear more about our security gate software today!

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