Top Trends in Security Options For Gated Communities

Top Trends in Security Options For Gated Communities

Top Trends in Security Options For Gated Communities

When purchasing a property, security is an essential element to consider. In this post from our experts on visitor check-in, you'll discover what security technologies are now obtainable for gated communities. This tech includes touchless entry, video surveillance, visitor check-in, access management, and converged security.

Touchless Entry System

Touchless entry control systems have recently evolved as the new favorite of many gated communities. They deliver top-quality security while also remaining very sanitary by diminishing touchpoints. There are several characteristics of touchless entry systems to pick from, including keyless entry and intercom access solutions.
Keyless Entry Control: Keyless entry loads personal credentials onto keycards, fobs, or mobile devices. Keycards terminate the usual problems with traditional key lock systems, as when you lose a keycard, you can just wipe it; no need to modify the lock. It is easy to set up and operate, so it is a favorite among the best-rated gated communities, property managers, and private landlords.

Intercom Systems: Touchless intercom access systems include video and audio components that permit you to control entry into your community from anywhere remotely. Security representatives can see and verify your identity compared to your credentials to supply entrance through the gate. For your individual unit, intercom systems permit you to see and talk to visitors before granting them entry. If you are away from your home, you can quickly supply access to a visitor or talk with your mail carrier. Intercoms provide security, flexibility, and hygiene in one security approach.

Video Surveillance System

Entry control is critical in guaranteeing the safety of multi-unit neighborhoods. It can manage who enters through a gate and into separate units. With it, you have reliable protection against intruders, but with video surveillance, you also have an additional level of security.
For many, this is non-negotiable when considering a gated community. Video surveillance works alongside entry control to verify identities doubly. Video cameras compare authorized people's scanned credentials and ensure they have entry permission. This prevents individuals from swiping keycards and entering the community. If somebody does enter the area with a misappropriated keycard, video surveillance alerts security officials to their presence. Overall, video cameras can lower the risk of intruders and defend your community.

Visitor Check-In System

Modern technology shows significant progress in many security areas, including visitor check-ins. Thanks to technology, guests have several ways to check in without disturbing administrative employees. For example, with digital visitor check-in, visitors can go to the guard shack, fill in their details, and gain temporary credentials to enter the community.
You can even find visitor check-in systems that merge with entry control to supply visitors with more seamless entry. This is a straightforward way to welcome guests without jeopardizing security or adding stress to your workers.

Remain On Top of the Newest Security Trends

Safety is a top priority for most property managers, landlords, and homeowners. By understanding the various security options available, you can decide which system will work best for your particular community. Contact us today for more details on our gated community security solutions.

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