Three Features to Look for in Gated Security Systems

Three Features to Look for in Gated Security Systems

Three Features to Look for in Gated Security Systems

Secure automated gates have been desired for over a century, but only in the several years have they evolved into an adequate security solution. Today, many gate manufacturers offer automatic entry systems that you can open with proximity sensors, license plate readers, or internet-based solutions. Additionally, solutions are available that modernize gates with safe automated entry solutions.

However, available automated solutions vary significantly in terms of their efficacy. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a solution that makes your gate safe and allows it to perform optimally. Read on to discover some pivotal features when shopping for a gated security system.

Cellular Internet

When utilizing an automatic gate entry approach, reliable internet is paramount for deterring lockouts and system collapses. However, running internet lines to a gate is a significant hassle, and you may even have to pay monthly for an independent line to your gate. Consequently, you should invest in a system with SIM cards that employ cellular internet. Current 4G connections are adequate for gate entry systems, and cellular internet will be even better once 5G is widely available.

When searching for a solution that depends on cellular internet, finding a system that can utilize multiple towers is critical. In most locations, several towers from diverse providers are available at any time. However, many providers of automated gate systems only hold a partnership with one provider. Consequently, your connection may be slow unless you are in the ideal area.

Professional Gate Installation

Establishing a gate on your own is time-consuming, and results are rarely impressive when you do the work yourself. Many gate systems are pretty complex, and even contractors with considerable experience in gate installation may struggle to install some of the available high-tech systems properly. Additionally, general contractors probably don't know how to optimize settings and guarantee you get the most from your gate following installation.

Consequently, you should find automatic gate entry system providers that deliver installation services or maintain a network of authorized contractors. Although this assistance is unlikely to be complimentary, they will confirm that your gate is installed accurately. In addition, after installation, a manufacturer's team can typically help configure your system optimally and train your team on how to make the most of your new system.

Strong Motors

Gate manufacturers understand that most people do not know how gates operate, so they frequently cut corners using inefficient motors. The most substantial problem with weak engines is that they take too long to open a gate. Slow opening gates seriously inconvenience residents by making them remain until the gate opens. In addition, if residents regularly pass through the gate, they may experience considerable frustration.

Another problem with weak motors is that they are usually barely powerful enough to open the gate. If frail motors are operated frequently, they can wear out quickly. When engines break, gates are inoperable for days until technicians come and parts arrive.

As a result, it is crucial to confirm that the motors used on your gate are powerful enough to support your gate use. Most respected manufacturers let buyers upgrade engines if the default motor is not powerful enough.

These are a few features to look for in gated security systems. Contact us today for gated community security solutions. We want to keep your residents safe.

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