Things You Need to Know as a Gated Community Resident

Things You Need to Know as a Gated Community Resident

Things You Need to Know as a Gated Community Resident

Joining a new neighborhood can involve a learning curve. In addition to everything you need to learn about your new home, you also learn about the area and organization you have joined. Some associations are more complicated than others, and their involvement often leans on the amenities and assets included in the neighborhood.

Moving into a gated neighborhood includes learning about the utilized visitor management solution and the association's rules and procedures. You can worry about those later. But, first, there are a few straightforward fundamentals to understand about the diverse visitor management systems as a new resident.

You have probably already noted the visitor management solution in your new gated neighborhood at the entryways, including how residents and guests are given entry into the area. Residents are provided their means of entry control nearly immediately but are also likely to have multiple guests or vendors in the first days at their new house. So, how can they penetrate the community?

If the design is a simple telephone access system, double-check with the manager or neighborhood staff that your listing and contact details have been updated. This will permit your visitors to search for your name when arriving and contact your phone; you will then push a button to let them enter. You should try the call box to test whether your listing or direct number is functioning correctly. In doing so, you will also obtain the phone number that will contact you when a guest reaches the gate. Don't forget to keep this number as a contact on your phone.

You might even get an assigned code that will allow access when entered at the call box if permitted by the neighborhood. If you do, it is essential to exert caution when sharing the code. Not only will this allow entry to anyone you share it with, but you will not get a phone call or notice when it is employed in the future. It doesn't hurt to ask your association how frequently the codes change to be ready.

More contemporary telephone access systems might include additional components and a smartphone app for you to operate. If that is the circumstance, the quicker you download the app, the faster you will comprehend the system and guarantee your guests can quickly enter the community.

For gated neighborhoods with on-site guards, the attendants need your contact information and a list of expected visitors. The first item that needs to be answered is how the on-site officers get this data. It might be supplied directly to the on-site guards by your property manager when you move in, or there may be an app or website you need access to that lets you update your information.

If you are provided access to a website or app that syncs with a system at the main entrance, utilize it. Employing the system as intended benefits you, your guests, and the on-site security. In addition, once you obtain access to the website or app for your neighborhood, you can quickly check or update your contact details and guest list to ensure the on-site guard has access to your contact information and list of authorized visitors or vendors.

These are just a few things you need to know as a gated community resident. Contact us today for more details on visitor management solutions to keep your neighborhood safe and secure.

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