The Leading Amenities for Gated Communities

The Leading Amenities for Gated Communities

The Leading Amenities for Gated Communities

Whether you operate a gated community, assisted living neighborhood, or townhome community, delivering the right amenities is critical to guarantee the best living experience for your inhabitants. The finest gated communities furnish their residents with comforts that are both lavish as well as valuable.

Delivering quality conveniences improves the worth of your property as well. For instance, according to a recent study by Yardi Matrix, apartments with workout centers can charge hundreds of dollars more monthly rent than those without them. Your property can also produce a new income stream by assessing amenity fees to residents. According to our resident APP experts, selecting the best amenities for your gated neighborhood makes your property more appealing to future residents and enhances the experience for people who already reside there.

Swimming Pool

Adding a pool to your gated community is a beautiful way to enhance your resident experience. However, depending on your location, inhabitants may prefer a pool over different amenities. For instance, a condo with a rooftop swimming pool is smart in warmer climates. And in other warm temperatures, where land is prevalent, citizens of gated communities are looking for communities with private pools.

Of course, even if your property is in a chillier climate, a pool may still be a superb complement to your gated community because you can enjoy indoor pools and hot tubs all year.

Fitness center

Appeal to health-conscious inhabitants by adding or elevating a gym for your neighborhood. Gated communities with fitness centers are favored by residents and are easy to promote when listing properties online. You can even extend your fitness opportunities with tennis or badminton courts.


The added safety of living in a gated community lures family-oriented inhabitants. With more peaceful streets, it's easy for kids to ride bikes and play outdoors safely. Funding for additional kid-friendly spaces will draw more families to the gated community. Vast playgrounds offer children plenty of space to be active and let families get to know each other better. Cultivating socialization among residents helps them feel connected to each other and their community.

Dog park

Residents expect their entire family to feel at home in the neighborhood, including their pets! Therefore, adjusting your gated community luxuries to be more pet-friendly will entice new residents and enhance the experience of current residents. For example, making a dog park in your neighborhood can be as straightforward as fencing off a selection of grass and placing a sign. But the most lovely dog parks include extra features like water bowls, ponds, and dog runs. You can also plan pet-oriented affairs in these areas to help your residents connect.

App-based entry control system

Safety and comfort are priorities for all residents, particularly those paying a premium for gated neighborhood living. The best way to give this to your residents is with effortless access to the property's gates, entrances, and amenities. Selecting the proper entry control system for your gated community will enhance the resident experience and sets the property apart from competitors.

These are just a few top-rated amenities for today's gated communities. Contact us today for more information on our resident APP solution to expand convenience and security. We are here for you!

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