Tailgating in Gated Communities

Tailgating in Gated Communities

Tailgating in Gated Communities

Regardless of how your gated community manages gate access, tailgating is the most problematic aspect of gate security. Tailgating refers to examples of unauthorized vehicles following an approved resident into a gated neighborhood while the gate is still unobstructed. Tailgating is common in nearly all gated communities and frequently causes damage to the neighborhood's main access point.

There are several manners for a community to fight unauthorized access through tailgating. Hardware solutions include gate arms that provide access to a single automobile before closing. These anti-tailgating entrances are often dubbed "Barrier Gates" or "Barrier Arms" and come in various shapes and sizes. Barrier Gates present a reasonably inexpensive way to stop tailgating but often cause issues with residents as the advancement in community security comes at the expense of convenience. Barrier gates restrict traffic extensively in large neighborhoods and can induce long lines at rush hour in large communities. The gate arms can also be formidable if they come in contact with a vehicle of a motorist who is unaware that only a single car can proceed through the gate before it closes. A gated community must weigh the price of improved security against the reduction in convenience, the chance of frequent gate damage, and the associated maintenance and repair costs.

Some neighborhoods allow tailgating but take measures to ensure that every vehicle penetrating the gate is recorded. Typically this is accomplished by installing security cameras at the entrance. While this approach does not instantly improve the gated neighborhood's security, it does present the ability to audit and inspect all unauthorized vehicle entry. Furthermore, if criminal activity happens in the community, the security team can see gate access recordings and often supply suspects' data to law enforcement. In addition, the sight of cameras at the community entrance point is a deterrent to would-be criminals penetrating the gate.

Some new companies have created integrated camera and access control systems. These products deliver hardware and software that supplies improved security and convenience for gated neighborhoods without purchasing costly hardware like barrier gates.

One recently formulated access control design with integrated gate access and camera recording is offered in a platform that allows residents to open the gate with their smartphone from everywhere, eliminating the demand for access codes, clickers, or keyfobs. The gate cameras are activated whenever a community gate is unlocked and records all activity that arises from the gate opening to the gate closing. These video recordings are saved in the cloud, so security officers can examine all vehicle gate entrances. In addition, the artificial intelligence implements offer license plate recognition and entity detection, so security specialists can easily set up alerts or look for any unauthorized vehicles that enter by tailgating.

Many property managers say tailgating is the top concern for gated community residents. Barrier gates offer a hardware resolution that enhances security while making admission to the community more challenging for authorized and unauthorized automobiles. Newer solutions provide integrated access control and camera functionality, not preventing tailgating but allowing for greater convenience and better safety auditing. Property managers and gated community citizens must find the proper balance between security and convenience when fighting tailgating.

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