Six Tips for Managing Your Gated Community

Six Tips for Managing Your Gated Community

Six Tips for Managing Your Gated Community

Running gated communities can be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially if you manage several neighborhoods. The explanation is that the essential obligation of a Community Association Manager (CAM) is to help the board in virtually every facet of its operation. CAMs can enjoy handling the HOA by offering great resident experiences and by thriving in establishing a successful connection with the community board and its citizens. Our experts on community management software offer these tips to help CAMs operate a fantastic homeowner's association:

Set Goals

To run a gated community successfully, CAMs should establish clear objectives and set goals aligned with their HOA board. For example, a common community management goal is to boost social activities and keep residents informed of security risks and protocols as they develop.

Maximize Your Staff

Sporting too many hats hinders an ideal work environment and induces stress that eventually causes burnout. Instead, CAMs can make lists of duties and delegate these to their staff while tracking them for accountability. It is a straightforward way to assign and oversee projects and will save the CAM time in the future. Be sure to train your community staff in new and existing procedures properly.

Engage Community Members

It is essential for any gated community to come together and bond. CAMs can improve the resident experience by boosting community engagement. One way to increase community engagement is collecting residents' opinions on community-related issues. CAMs can review results on anything from landscaping to choosing a date for the summer community BBQ and much more to learn what matters to residents.

Prioritize Security

⁠It is in the community's highest welfare to prioritize security. CAMs can recommend installing devices like cameras, detectors, sensors, and locks to improve community security. In addition, they can suggest technology platforms that offer guest authorization and customizable access to outsiders. ⁠To keep track of community visitors, our community management software can help.

Be Efficient in Board Meetings

When handling board meetings, CAMs must ensure that there is a system in place to avoid confusing and long sessions. Failure to hold efficient board meetings is an obvious sign that the gated community is not operating as smoothly as it should. Before the board meeting, managers should send meeting agendas to citizens and board members to give the board plenty of time to organize and keep the conversation in line with the schedule.

Highlight Transparency

Transparency is crucial to delivering a superior resident experience. CAMs should offer transparency with every action and activity the community engages in, especially those concerning finances. CAMs should create the community budget plan with harmony and fairness in mind. The only way to accomplish that is to ensure that every community member is aware of where their fees go and how much is allocated for each project. ⁠Every resident should get a copy of the budget to this end.

Follow these six tips to manage your gated community better. And, contact us today to learn more about our community management software to keep your gated community safe and secure. We are here for you.

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