Seven Safety Tips for Property Owners Living in Gated Communities

Seven Safety Tips for Property Owners Living in Gated Communities

Seven Safety Tips for Property Owners Living in Gated Communities

The gate standing between your residence and the rest of the world is a community accessory that is appreciated by nearly ten percent of U.S homeowners. Residing in a gated neighborhood might offer you peace of mind. Still, it can also construct a false sense of protection, as burglaries and automobile thefts are rising in these neighborhoods. Instead, favorable neighbor relationships, preventative safety measures, and tools like AlertID's crime and sex offender warnings will help better safeguard your household and community. As the number of gated neighborhoods in suburban America continues to increase, so does the significance of home and community security. Our expert on guard software for gated communities suggests that if you have the advantage of residing in a gated neighborhood, you should rehearse safe residence and neighborhood safety practices as if you didn't and follow these gated community safety tips:

Be aware of dangers in your neighborhood

Sign up for a complimentary AlertID account to be mindful of the hazards in your vicinity and communicate details with neighbors to caution them of suspicious activity. The information goes to all other members within a one-mile radius when members post.

Know your neighbors

Residents are typically less focused and less willing to pay attention to individuals and automobiles when they have a gate serving as a false sense of safety. This is why neighbors who watch out for one another are among the best and least costly defenses against community crime. In addition, neighborhood watch brings residents together with law enforcement to prevent crime and make communities safer.

Keep all points of access locked

Everyone should contemplate modernizing their locks with quality keyed doorknobs and dead-bolt locks, but even the best locks can't protect you if you fail to use them. FBI data uncovered that 1 in 4 burglaries transpire through an unlocked window or door. So be sure to check all doors and windows after service people have been in your house.

Make sure all points of access are well lit

Indoor and outdoor lighting provides the impression that your house is inhabited and eradicates outdoor hiding places. Also, contemplate installing motion-sensor lights, which come on automatically if someone approaches your residence.

Secure the spare keys

Leave your extra key with a trusted neighbor or relative and never conceal it on your property. Thieves have more background looking for keys than you do concealing them. Recent statistics indicate that a robber can enter a house in less than 60 seconds.

Employ a trusted company to install your alarm system

Alarm systems manage access points to your house and let you know if somebody has invaded your space. Never assume your gated neighborhood protection is good enough – sign up with 24/7 experienced monitoring from a security company to guarantee you and your home are safe – whether sleeping or away from home. Houses without alarm systems are three times as likely to be robbed.

Gate Code Safety

Convicts have found ingenious ways to breach your entrance and gate code keypad. Report any questionable behavior like outsiders tailgating you into your neighborhood or malfunctioning gate code systems as soon as possible.

Follow these tips to keep you and other community members safe. And call us today for guard software that keeps community safety a top priority.

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