Seven Ideas for Boosting Gated Community Sustainability as a Resident

Seven Ideas for Boosting Gated Community Sustainability as a Resident

Seven Ideas for Boosting Gated Community Sustainability as a Resident

One premium factor that entices homeowners to invest in gated communities is the landscaping and sustainable living concepts they follow. Yes, gated communities properly care for eco-friendly resources, including water, power, vegetation, and waste management. Today, consumers are more mindful about investing and living in an eco-friendly, sustainable residential area than settling for urban living. Our gatehouse software experts offer some sustainable living concepts for gated community residents:

Say no to plastic bottles

While it's convenient to have and utilize plastic bottles, its impact on society is pretty much terrible. Instead, you can employ an inexpensive water filter and stow it in your refrigerator. In addition, indoor water filters and outdoor water filtration methods are widespread, from which you can pick your desired choice.

Create a compost bin

For people living in gated communities, building their compost bin on their plot is helpful. This way, they can conserve money on purchasing costly compost and fertilizers to cultivate their produce.

Conserve water

When we stop to consider our water usage, we squander a lot of water when cleaning, washing, and watering. Instead of just allowing the water to run while dishwashing or brushing, turn on the tap only when needed.

Decrease power consumption during peak hours

Your utility bills run high if you don't properly manage your daily usage. Unfortunately, many homeowners still make mistakes by overusing the energy during peak hours, which leads to elevated utility bills. For example, if you frequently wash clothing in your washing machine, try washing before 4 pm and after 7 pm. If it's summertime, consider washing them in the washer early in the morning, as hot afternoons are peak hours for power companies. Also, do not turn on electric appliances when the voltage is low in the evenings.

Optimal use of natural resources

Gated communities are good at balancing the available natural resources like sun, rainwater, and power across all the homes in a community.

Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is a great sustainable living idea for a gated community resident. In addition, vertical gardening is a hit for people passionate about gardening and growing organic veggies. These days, even residential project builders adhere a layer of fabric frame with water retention properties as a base and set up drip irrigation and fertilization system.

Go green approach

If you own a grass yard and vegetable garden, try utilizing natural pesticides that are safe and non-toxic. You can also establish an eco-friendly grass lawn technique like a Zen Rock garden, an English cottage garden, or a wildflower garden.

So if you are interested in sustainable living in your gated community, it is best to choose one with an eco-friendly approach toward society and Mother Nature. These sustainable living ideas are carefully implemented in many gated community projects ensuring an organic environment by decreasing the negative environmental impact.

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