Security Features Offered at Many Gated Communities

Security Features Offered at Many Gated Communities

Security Features Offered at Many Gated Communities

Different gated communities may provide different amenities, so it's important to research each one. Many consumers place a high value on shared facilities and safety when they live in these exclusive neighborhoods. When you operate a gated community, you want to rely on your security gate software to keep you safe and make efficient entrance points to your neighborhood. These are a few of the most common types of security features in your gated community.

Controlled Entry and Video Monitoring

Gated communities benefit from increased safety provided by integrated access control and video surveillance systems. Before allowing a person entry into the gated community, access control can check their credentials.

Then, video surveillance adds another layer of security by checking the user's identity by matching their physical description to the footage. If the IDs do not match, the system will notify authorities and hopefully prevent any harm from being done. This connection helps to verify identities and guarantees that security responds to live video. To further secure the safety of the gated community, video cameras can be used as a secondary verification method. ​

Apartment Safety

Some people prefer to rent an apartment in a gated neighborhood because they know their belongings will always be secure. There are restricted zones here to ensure no random people wander around.

Residents of gated communities enjoy peace because of the absence of outsider access. So to safeguard yourself and your property, it is a good idea to install security features such as intercoms and alarm systems. The totality of these security precautions is your assurance of a tranquil setting in which to live a life of unparalleled luxury.

Keyless Entry and Control System (Touchless Access Control)

The use of touchless access control as a safety precaution has risen in popularity in recent years. They supplement the cleanliness benefits of access control without sacrificing its security.

Scanning credentials is all that's needed to get in, rather than having to interact with any of the doorknobs or keypads. This cuts down on the opportunities for bacteria to propagate. You should be on the lookout for a variety of touchless access control alternatives in a gated community. Both keyless entry and intercom systems are sturdy, dependable choices, but they function in distinct ways. ​

Vehicle Safety

When looking for apartments in a gated community, it's important to consider how safe your vehicle will be there. Residents of gated communities have access to parking facilities to store their automobiles and recreational vehicles. In this way, residents can park their cars in a secure area to which only they have the key. Vehicle access to the gated community is limited to cut down on congestion.

Easy Access to Community Areas

The shared amenities in a gated community are a major selling point for the community as a whole. Living in a gated community has many perks, such as access to a pool, gym, spa, and play area. These services are restricted to locals only. You want to be sure the neighborhood has good safety features in place.

Security personnel can assign certain permissions to each credential via access control. Residents can use a single card to access all communities and shared areas for convenience and security. They can ditch the bulky key fobs and incessant jangling. Having a single ID that works for all residents makes using the common spaces much easier without compromising security.

If you are looking for quality security gate software for your gated community, contact Safehouse Systems to hear more about our products today!

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