Picking the Best Automatic Gate Opener for Your Gated Neighborhood

Picking the Best Automatic Gate Opener for Your Gated Neighborhood

Picking the Best Automatic Gate Opener for Your Gated Neighborhood

An automatic gate is one of the most enticing luxuries available for townhomes, condos, or master-planned communities. Gated neighborhoods deliver an unrivaled degree of solitude and safety. Inhabitants choose these neighborhoods because of their peaceful streets, the indulgence of never needing to wonder who's in the area, and the privilege of allowing their kids to play outdoors with little supervision.

Few things are as annoying for these wise homeowners as unreliable automatic gate openers. An unreliable automated gate opener yields unexpected delays penetrating or exiting the neighborhood. In addition, inhabitants bear the inconvenience of reaching the property manager and the undesired delay in deploying qualified service repairpersons. And service to a defective gate opener can be an even more significant inconvenience, as inhabitants wait days or weeks with gates propped open for service or restorations.

Selecting Your Gate Opener

For most communities, gates and automatic gate openers go hand-in-hand. Retaining one without the other isn't reasonable. A trustworthy automatic gate opener supplies complete practical authority over who can and can't enter your neighborhood. When selecting the best automatic gate opener for your neighborhood gate, it's essential to consider how your gate opens, your neighborhood safety demands, and the power sources available to control your automatic gate access.

Opening Technique

The kind of electric gate opener you require depends on how your gate opens. In most circumstances, there are two choices - swinging or sliding. A swing gate moves in an arch similar to the doors in a home, while a sliding gate rolls horizontally across the entrance.

Power Source

Today's gate openers are more adaptable than ever. They can be powered by a standard electrical connection or paired with solar panels and batteries for power free of a wired electrical contact. In addition, you can use available power sources in specific critical applications for energy redundancy. A wired connection is an automatic gate opener's most dependable and inexpensive option. However, to operate hard-wired gate openers, you'll need to guarantee you have an electrical power source available at the site of your gate.

A solar-powered contact is perfect for gates in remote areas with limited opportunities for electrical energy. Modern solar panels are efficient and can supply reliable power in even the most formidable outdoor conditions when paired with a collection of rechargeable batteries. However, as you contemplate alternatives for powering your automated gate opener, you must work with an experienced installer to review your possible need for power redundancy and the frequency that your community gates are used.

Control Choices

When evaluating your alternatives for automatic gate openers, you must determine all the choices available for the unit's control. Numerous options exist to integrate access control approaches with your neighborhood gate.

There are multiple options for using a community gate from the convenience of a community inhabitant's vehicle. For example, communities often choose prospects that have IR remote controls, bar code scanners, or EZ Tag readers. These alternatives are easy to disperse and operate and frequently pair with access control software that documents resident identity, dates, and times electronically. As an option, systems utilizing access control card readers are ideal for neighborhoods controlling vehicular and pedestrian access.

Phone access systems, callboxes, and intercom systems are excellent options for establishments that want to automate the operation of supervising community guests. For example, these systems allow neighborhood guests or delivery automobiles to use visitor codes or request entry from specific subjects.

We hope this information helps you choose the best gate opener for your community. Contact us today for gate access solutions to keep your neighborhood safe.

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