How Gated Communities Keep You Safer

How Gated Communities Keep You Safer

How Gated Communities Keep You Safer

Do you know how gated communities keep you safer? Until you look closely at the many amenities offered by gated communities, you may not understand the full picture of what these neighborhoods can offer.  Yes, there is the obvious reason, it is gated. However, there is much more to a gated community than just a single obstacle to keep your family safer, such as guard workstations and visitor tracking. These are a few ways that living in a gated community can keep you and your family safer.

Visitor Tracking

While the gate is good at keeping most would be criminals at bay, you also want to trust that there is additional security present. Many gated communities also offer visitor tracking through software or apps on your phone. This visitor tracking will document who comes in and leaves and who they are there to visit.

Integrated Living

This may seem more like a convenience rather than a safety feature but having amenities inside the gated community is rather functional for security. It monitors the visitors of those locations and provides families with safer parks and activity areas. This also helps keep pollution and traffic down which provides a prettier and healthier environment.

Regular Surveillance

These neighborhoods have dedicated guards that keep an eye on the ongoings both inside and alongside the community They will regularly do surveillance to make sure there is nothing shady or dangerous going on. Sometimes, the presence of security is enough to deter bad people.

Emergency Services

While the presence of security is great for deterring would be burglars, accidents can still occur. When  emergency services are needed, you can trust that they will easily find and enter these areas. Many gated communities provide their codes and keys to local law and emergency services. Some even have dedicated entrances for emergency vehicles, or they have a universal key FOB they will grant them access to the community.

Residents Inside the Community

The #1 way that a gated community can offer more safety than your average suburb is the community that resides there. Most gated communities operate as, well, communities. Neighbors know each other and in turn, keep an eye on each other. People communicate and stay vigilant for each other. The residents work together to ensure that their homes stay safe from dangers and threats.

Gated communities will offer a range of security measures and you are always welcome to invest in added security measures for your home to keep you and your family safe. It is relaxing to think that your community is watched regularly so you can sleep sounder at night.

To understand more about the features of a gated community or to fully understand the software used to track visitors and protect residents, contact Safehouse Systems today!

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