How Gated Communities Grant Residents Access

How Gated Communities Grant Residents Access

How Gated Communities Grant Residents Access

While the term, “gated community” is roughly defined as a community that controls access using barriers or gates. However, there is so much more than just a couple of gates and some walls that define their security. In fact, some gated neighborhoods rely solely on cutting edge technology to allow access to residents and guests. Here are some of the ways that gated communities grant access through gate control software.

Security Guard

In many of these gated neighborhoods, there is a manned security booth. The guard will manually check the identification of each car that attempts to enter. Often times, there will be a couple security guards that work at a single time in a community, depending on its size. This method of monitoring visitors adds more security than just granting access only to those meant to be there. While these communities are safer, crime still exists. Having manned security booths will also help identify any strange behavior or suspicious people trying to sneak onto the compound.

PIN Code Entry

This form of entry is basic and effective. Every resident is given the code for the gate. This allows them access into the community. Some gated neighborhoods have higher tech and residents have unique codes. Then you have random PIN code entry. This is either done on an app or a website. A request for a code is made and a temporary access code is generated.


Everything in life has become simple and secure. You can go into a store and pay with just a wave of your phone now. The same goes for your home. You will find that RFID chips are increasing in popularity for security. Nowadays, you have to scan a chip or code to be granted access. This can be done through an app, card, or even a key fob.

Facial or Vehicle Recognition

There are some software and security programs that can scan and verify credentials of people and/or their vehicles. These control systems are connected to the gate.

Guest Access

There are primarily only two ways guests are granted access to gated communities:

  • Intercom System
  • Requesting Access from Gate Attendant

That being said, first responders and other emergency vehicles often have unique ways of granting access. First responders will often have unique credentials for access. Because of these credentials, they are not required to request access. Supra, Knox, and other designated access keys are specially designed specifically for first responders. Emergency vehicles can often use alternate access control systems. Some are triggered with a strobe light sensor, while others have emergency radio access.

These are a few things you should know about gate access to many, if not most, gated communities. If you are looking for software solutions to keep your gated community residents safe, contact Safehouse Systems to hear more today.

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