Four Things to Look for in Community Management Software

Four Things to Look for in Community Management Software

Four Things to Look for in Community Management Software

If you're involved in the growth or oversight of high-end gated or guarded neighborhoods, it is only natural to want the finest security system to safeguard your inhabitants, residences, and assets. However, having a gate, barrier, and 24-hour security crew is not enough these days. Therefore, most neighborhoods also implement cloud-based community management software to improve the effectiveness, comfort, and efficiency of handling security and entry for a large neighborhood.

You've got plenty of options for community gate access control, but these are the critical features when formulating a security solution.

Integrated approach

When you look at all the safety concerns of a single-family residential neighborhood or condominium complex, many systems and hardware are available. Likewise, they all work a bit differently from each other. For instance, vehicle RFID entry control, visitor management, phone access and intercoms, and license plate recognition are all available. Normally these methods are stand-alone or disparate. Operating each one of these approaches independently is overwhelming and time-consuming. Not only that, but you'll discover yourself disbursing more money for all the additional hardware components needed for each method and spending more on the building and work demanded for each approach's installation. You'll want to find a system that links these roles together so you can control your whole guest management and entry control operation from a single login and database operating through one broker instead of four.

State-of-the-art guest management

Gated neighborhood access control methods are about more than just entrances and fobs. Confirm that your design can automatically pull commerce and visitor records for a more dependable experience. Not only does it safeguard residents, but it is also an excellent method to supply helpful evidence to officers in the case of an incident. Be sure to choose a community management software that follows visitor processing admissions, including license plate numbers, at all your border gates and any internal doors and gates with one-time usage telephone access codes or guest pass scanners.

Smart features connecting with additional security solutions

Technology evolves quickly, and you must have a future-proofed security approach that you can evolve with and expand on. Proprietary off-the-shelf resolutions can quickly become obsolete and be costly when you try to swap out and upgrade later. You don't want to modify your community management software whenever new technology becomes available, or you employ a new vendor if the approach is proprietary.

Intuitive and user-friendly gated community management software

For gated neighborhoods lacking an IT department, selecting a solution and installer who can provide your area with the proper training and help, particularly during the first few months of operating the system, is crucial. Consider easy-to-implement, automatic, and user-friendly software so your crew uses and maximizes the system. It's also vital to comprehend how data is added to the software. Does it demand manual entry, or can you export your current data, clean it up, and import it into the latest software? Your data and database quality is paramount to getting the most out of cloud-based community management software.

If you maintain an existing security solution, consider your safety system administrator's thoughts when selecting a community management system.

These are just some things to look for in community management software. Contact us today to learn more about the security solutions we have to offer your gated community.

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