Five Ways Security Officers Protect Gated Communities

Five Ways Security Officers Protect Gated Communities

Five Ways Security Officers Protect Gated Communities

People prefer to live in gated communities for the safety and peace of mind they deliver. Security for gated communities across the nation should incorporate security guards since gate codes and cameras alone fail to keep crime away from these oases of security. If you are contemplating hiring security guards for your gated community, our gatehouse solutions experts offer these five ways they will help improve the safety of your neighborhood:

Point of contact

When anything goes wrong, residents do not want to have to guess the correct number to contact or wait for 911. Security guards who are known in the neighborhood satisfy this role well. Residents can depend on them for minor incidents but also understand they have a dependable contact when an emergency arises. This is often encouraging for people who make the investment to live in a gated community. Selecting one person to address these matters streamlines reports and delivers a known element when things go awry.


There are less likely to be incidents when there is a guard presence in a gated community. While people with criminal tendencies can hack gate codes or evade cameras, they are less likely to attempt something when they know there are routine patrols by observant guards. Security guards can also video incidents and create reports that could prove helpful to law enforcement. At the very least, they are trustworthy witnesses in crises or minor incidents.

Gate presence

Security guards at entries and exits supply extra protection. You can hire guards 24/7, 365 days per year, and guarantee someone is always available at your access points. As long as there is a guard shack at your gate, a security company can provide you with a guard. This allows for an extra layer of security because gates can be busted or hacked, and cameras only record incidents rather than eliminate or stop them. Also, guards can video the identities of guests and keep a comprehensive record of who enters and exits the community.

Quick response

Guards are qualified to act fast if there is an attack, break-in, or unauthorized entry into the community. This can contain incidents before law enforcement comes and even intercept events before they escalate. Police usually only need to charge the offenders. Also, if individuals are not obeying the rules, a guard can serve as a point of contact to provide gentle reminders of anything from extreme noise to failing to observe instructions for visitors. Guards can also speak directly with property managers when circumstances get out of hand and serve as witnesses if further enforcement operations are necessary.

Improve procedures

Guards usually have years of security background. They may find gaps in your security protocol that could leave citizens with a little less peace of mind. In many circumstances, you do not just hire a guard, but a skilled advisor who has probably seen everything. This can make your gated neighborhood just a little bit safer!

These are just a handful of the ways security guards protect gated communities. Contact us today for gatehouse solutions to boost your community security. We want to keep your residents safe!

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