Five Security Mistakes Your Gated Community Should Avoid

Five Security Mistakes Your Gated Community Should Avoid

Five Security Mistakes Your Gated Community Should Avoid

One of the primary reasons people prefer gated communities is security and safety, so you cannot take any chances of compromising the safety of individuals dwelling there. Not only does this ensure the safety of the residents, but it also attracts new residents who are essential for any gated community to reach 100 percent occupancy.

Our guard software experts offer these crucial mistakes that you should avoid to deliver the best security guard services to your gated community:

Failure to offer direct security contacts to community residents

There should be a standard security hotline phone number to reach community security guards, which is directly accessible by all your residents. This will decrease the response time to any incident and ultimately lower the number of incidents due to the high alert of community residents. Without security team transparency and open communication, the intruders can wander freely inside as residents cannot report security threats promptly.

Failure to secure all entry points

Just installing an electronic gate at the entry points is not complete community security. In today's technical landscape, thieves or intruders are also getting smarter and can learn how to manipulate these gates easily. To ensure safety, you should employ security guards who will personally check for all guests and visitors and will be able to take immediate action if anything found is unsafe. Your security guards should also keep a log that documents the entry and exit of any person outside of community members in case of problems later.

Absence of security guards at entry points

Today, savvy criminals case their targets with a blueprint of the property in their minds. Thus, if they notice a lack of security, even for a moment, then they will likely use the opportunity to enter the community. Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that your security guards do not leave the entry gates unattended at any time. To resolve this possible problem you can hire the security guards in separate shifts so that there is always someone available to man community entry points.

Improper division of responsibilities

The security company you hire should make sure that the security guards they provide you for various positions in the community are trained for their specific duties. For instance, the guard who has been appointed to the gate should be really alert and the one who is accountable for taking down the intruder should be fast and physically fit to avoid any delay. Every security guard should be well versed with community security policy so that there is no chance of security lapses at all.

Incomplete Visitor Log

The visitor log is one primary element that keeps a record of the entry and exit of all visitors along with the time and signature. Ideally, the guest should be asked to fill in additional details to give more information about their visit to the property. Their routine of coming and going can help guards with the required details so that they are well prepared in advance. The more comprehensive the log register is, the more secure the community.

Avoid these mistakes in your gated community. And when you want top-notch community safety, call us to learn about our guard software. We are here to keep your community secure.

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