Five Reasons to Move into a Gated Community

Five Reasons to Move into a Gated Community

Five Reasons to Move into a Gated Community

When we consider living in gated communities, it's easy to instantly be taken by the exclusivity, added class, and even aura of mystery that comes with it. But there is a broad assortment of gated communities throughout the nation, most offering far more meaningful, even tangible, advantages people often overlook.

Why Choose to Live in a Gated Community

Our experts on gatehouse software offer this brief glance behind those gates and examine the top five benefits of living in a gated community.

1. Security

The advantages of living in a gated community are numerous. Still, perhaps the most well-known and alluring perk of a gated community vs. a non-gated community is a feeling of protection. The sad truth is that crimes like burglary, destruction, and home invasion are genuine concerns these days. However, with either a posted guard or attendant out front or coded access required for entry, inhabitants of gated communities feel much safer learning strangers are far less likely to be exploring the area.

2. Community

Private gated neighborhood residents share a psyche. When it comes to owning a home, they enjoy being surrounded by like-minded individuals with similar values. So chances are you're less likely to experience thoughtless neighbors—and with property rules and HOAs, you can anticipate curb appeals that are cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, shared areas, clubhouses, and regularly planned parties encourage a fellowship not often seen in conventional neighborhoods.

3. Privacy

A world without solicitors? Please! If solitude and minimal interruption from the outside world is what you desire, you'll find much more peace and quiet in a gated community. Watching the daybreak with your morning coffee, an after-dinner stroll with the dog, or a peaceful evening on the patio becomes much more relaxing without the exterior noise pollution and little traffic.

4. Property Value

Of course, the cost of living in gated communities might be slightly higher with HOA dues, but it balances out substantially with an improved property value. Because your house will meet more elevated standards of quality and configuration, you mitigate the threat of losing property worth during market instabilities. A gated community adds worth and is simply a sound investment. You can sleep easy knowing dwellings in gated communities sell for $30,000 more on average than homes in non-gated neighborhoods.

5. Lifestyle

For people with a propensity toward physical actions, life in a gated neighborhood could be ideal for you. Items like golf courses, tennis courts, coordinated classes, contests, and water-based enjoyment are big lures among retirees and people seeking 55+ engaged adult neighborhoods. Many of today's popular gated communities take the whole beneficial living lifestyle to another rank with eco-friendly green neighborhood alternatives, energy-efficient house designs, and the advancement of water conservation and inside air quality.

These are just some of the reasons to consider living in a gated community. Contact us today for more details on how our gatehouse software can protect your community.

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