Essential Considerations for Choosing the Best Gated Security Design

Essential Considerations for Choosing the Best Gated Security Design

Essential Considerations for Choosing the Best Gated Security Design

When selecting the best gate security design for your gated community, there are numerous things to consider. Most notably, you want a design that sustains security without impeding access for your residents, staff, and guests. In addition, you should search for a gate intercom with convenient traits and capacities. According to our experts on gated security systems, here are the leading four features to pursue in a gate security design setup:

  • Mobile application
  • Cloud-based software
  • Camera-equipped
  • Weatherproof features

Components of effective gate security procedures

These are the features to pursue in your gate security design in deeper detail.

1. Mobile applications

In today's digital age, maintaining a gate intercom that's consistent with smartphones is critical. Therefore, the design should come with a highly-rated mobile application. In addition to enabling residents to unlock the entrance, the application should include other suitable features, like virtual keys for guests.

2. Cloud-based software

With a cloud-based security design, you can revise tenant data and manage the design remotely anywhere through internet access. In addition, you'll appreciate automatic software updates, keeping the design operating smoothly.

When buying a cloud-based entrance intercom, pick one that can merge with your property management software (PMS). That way, the resident roll in your PMS syncs with your intercom directory. So, if a resident moves in or out of the community, their entry privilege is automatically revised, and their name will be added or dismissed from the intercom system's directory. That way, a guest will not contact a former resident when summoning entry from your intercom.

3. Camera-equipped

For ultimate security, select a system that has a surveillance camera. Not only do video gate intercom systems help keep your property safe, but they also allow residents to conveniently video chat with their guests before bestowing access. This is particularly valuable when tenants need to provide detailed directions for navigating the area — such as locating parking or coming through the right building entrance. In addition, tenants can visually verify their guest's identities before allowing them in.

4. Weatherproof Features

Select a design that has an IP65 rating. In this regard, IP stands for "ingress protection," and an IEC depicts the IP rating system. An IP rating refers to the tier of protection a device has against biological elements, such as moisture and dust.

For instance, the '6' rating in IP65 signifies that the gate security design is completely protected against dust, and the '5' rating indicates that it's shielded against low-pressure moisture from every angle. In addition, an IP65 rating safeguards the gate intercom from all sorts of weather, which means the apparatus will last for many years to come.

These are some critical considerations for choosing the best possible gated security design. Please contact us today for more information on our gated security systems to keep your community safer and more secure. We are here to help!

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