Eight Tools Every Security Guard Needs

Eight Tools Every Security Guard Needs

Eight Tools Every Security Guard Needs

Security guards have complicated jobs, and they must be equipped with the proper tools to manage their duties. Our gatehouse solutions experts offer these tools every security guard should have:


Security Guard uniforms are one of the essential things your security guards require, consisting of the following:

  • A bullet-proof vest absorbs the impact of ammunition and shrapnel and is a critical piece of equipment for anyone in the security and protection industries.
  • High-visibility clothing is also required to increase your security guards' visibility, first for their protection and to warn any potential criminals that plan to break into the property they are protecting.

Every individual that works in the security industry agrees that boots are an investment worth buying. Mainly if they walk or stand for long stretches, comfy and supporting boots are an article every guard requires.

Mobile Phone

Even if your security guards employ walkie-talkies for communication most of the time, cell phones are critical for a swift call when required. In addition, you can program important contacts on speed dial for faster access. The smartphone's market expansion has appointed new patterns in daily exchanges that affect all aspects of security fields positively, including security tours and patrols.

Two-way radio

Security guards working at affairs or retail should consistently carry a two-way radio, which is essential for communication with other security guards. However, although it is a must for every individual working in the security industry, two-way communication is outdated compared to today's communication growth and cloud-based innovative apps and systems.

Notepad and Pen

Security guards should keep notes on every patrol tour. They need to recall aspects of a concluded guard tour and the movements they encountered, and it is unthinkable to remember everything by memory alone. So, security guards will need to utilize a notepad and a pen for composing reports about their everyday actions and any observations they may have.

Digital Camera

If a guard encounters locations without security cameras installed, a digital camera may be his best companion during the patrol tour. He can use it in any circumstance to immediately record a noteworthy event, take photos of people and objects, and capture vehicle activities or any questionable movement in his location.

Defense equipment

Security guards can employ various tools to help defend themselves, like pepper spray, batons, or firearms. Defense gear protects guards from illegal attacks and offers a tool for keeping them secure. Whichever you prefer, defense gear is a substantial part of the safety industry.


Although flashlights are typically oversized and weighty, they are crucial for a security guard. Even when working a day shift, flashlights are helpful if a guard finds himself in a difficult position inside a dark enclosure or location.


Finally, a heavy-duty safety belt is essential for a security guard because it will hold all the safety gear safely in one place. In today's security world, a security belt is a guard's initial priority to be well organized in his daily duties.

Keep your security guards equipped with the best tools to do their jobs effectively. And, contact us now for more details on gatehouse solutions to keep your residents and staff safe.

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