Choosing Your Gate Access Control System

Choosing Your Gate Access Control System

Choosing Your Gate Access Control System

Security gates are critical components to help organizations prevent theft, burglaries, and other disturbances and secure their perimeter. Unfortunately, most companies focus on securing access within their community, failing to recognize the power of effective gate access control. The access control realm is more than just people's access. It is an integrated, multi-layer approach to help your community secure your property and residential premises as efficiently as possible. This means your security managers must consider all the touchpoints that stakeholders and visitors use to determine the best system to address these touchpoints flawlessly without compromising your budget or workflow. Most gated communities' security begins at their gate, so half the battle for securing your property lies in choosing the right gate. Then you will need to consider your gate access control system.

Understanding Gate Access Control Systems

Automated gate access offers a high level of convenience and security, mainly attributed to the gates’ access control system. These work similar to other access control with an electronically- locked gate connected to your access control server. Most systems include a reader, controller, tokens, and management software. When a resident or guest produces the proper credentials, the gate lock is sent an electronic signal allowing it to open for the vehicle to pass through. There are many different options available, including keypads and touch-free access solutions. The best choice for you will depend on your available budget and the type of applications you prefer. Let's look at some available options.


One of the most commonly used and straightforward options for gate access is keypads. To gain property access, the visitor must key in the correct PIN. When the PIN is verified, the gate opens for them to enter. There are some disadvantages, though the process seems pretty simple. From a visitor experience standpoint, you can forget PINS easily. From a security point of view, this is not the safest option because people can share PINs easily, leading to unauthorized access to your property. In addition, if you have a high traffic flow, the time it takes to enter the PIN may lead to congestion during peak periods which can cause visitor frustration.

Proximity Cards

If you are interested in faster access, proximity card readers are more convenient than keypads with no need to memorize a PIN. Instead, a guest presents their card within the reader's range, and the gate opens for entry as long as the card number is approved.

RFID Gate Access Control

Vehicles can be identified as they approach the gate with long-range Vehicle identification through RFID-enabled gate access control systems. In most cases, the car does not have to stop but proceeds slowly to give the gate time to open. A tag is placed on authorized vehicles, so the reader signals the gates to open when they are verified. These RFID tags come in various materials, shapes, and sizes. Depending on your system, long-range readers can identify vehicles from five to ten meters away.

Gate access control has apparent benefits and can complement security measures with efficient staff and visitor flow. However, choosing the best system for your needs will depend on the volume of people requiring access and your intended budget. Contact us today if you aren’t sure which system to install. We are here to provide gate access solutions that best fit your needs.

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