Access Control Systems for Gated Communities

Access Control Systems for Gated Communities

Access Control Systems for Gated Communities

Gated neighborhoods and individually gated parcels are turning out to be among the securest places to live in most states in the US. The high-security components provided by electric smart gates allow the owners to rest comfortably behind their gates while appreciating easy access to the parcel.

In gated neighborhoods, residents of the area have a controlled access point with visitor tracking. Anything threatening the security of the houses within the gate must go through the access point first. It yields a lot of corruption useless because an electric security portico hinders their efforts.

In addition to improved security, gated neighborhood inhabitants enjoy the existence of various social amenities too. Some have pools, gyms, and spacious outdoor areas to relax in. It means you and your loved ones can accomplish what you want within the confines of your security gate system. In addition, you can relax knowing the region is secure and guarded. Access control and visitor tracking vary within gated communities, but some strategies are better than others. Property technology is progressing, but here are two of the most prevalent access control systems in gated communities.

Intercom Systems

An intercom is an intercommunication device that serves as a door phone to communicate within a facility. Intercom systems sustain two-way communication between people, normally a resident and their guests. The intercom is an older bit, and you've likely seen it employed in apartments. They can be audio or audio with video too.

An intercom furnishes security because you can discover who is at the gate or entrance before you give them entry. Nevertheless, in a larger community, this can be a little awkward. For instance, if many new people are coming over during a holiday, it can generate a line at the gate because each guest will need to contact the house they're visiting. Not everybody responds right away. The system is also sensitive to vandalism. Repairing the cracked screen isn't affordable. Then you see the youths who think it's amusing to dial numbers each time they dash past the gate.

Intercom systems can come with the following elements:

  • Video Calling – You can glimpse who is at the gate before allowing them in.
  • Voice controls – You can talk over the phone for the gate to unlock and permit your guest entry. The problem here is if you wanted to grant somebody access when no one else is in the home, you couldn't.
  • Property administrators can add or remove residents accessing the property by administering or removing virtual keys and entry PINs. The power to give PIN's out is excellent, but you need to trust the individual you're giving the PIN to; otherwise, they could share it. Supervising PIN distribution over an entire community isn't manageable.
  • Property administrators can also utilize the system to edit the residents' directory.

Doorking Control Systems

Doorking control systems contribute customizable access solutions to homeowners and property supervisors looking to oversee community access. Unlike different control systems, Doorking accommodates a broad range of entry devices. It's helpful if you're looking to patrol the physical number of cars penetrating the property. However, this can fall flat if the design stops homeowners from entering the community because others have guests.

The system offers:

  • An automatic gate system controls the number of automobiles and people penetrating the community. It can be helpful if the gate leads straight to a parking lot with finite spaces.
  • Controlled entry to apartment complexes and gated houses.

These two access control systems are available for gated communities, but if you are looking for the best access control system and visitor tracking solutions, contact us for more information on our proprietary software. We are here to keep your community safe.

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