5 FAQs about Gated Communities

5 FAQs about Gated Communities

5 FAQs about Gated Communities

Are you wondering if living in a gated community is right for you and your family? Do you want to live a more elevated lifestyle? When you want to live a life of luxury, privacy, and security, you should consider the gated community lifestyle. Before you land on a property inside a gated community, you should understand what you would be signing on for. These are a few frequently asked questions to better understand life in a gated community.

Are homes in gated communities more expensive?

On average, homes in gated communities are more expensive than homes in more traditional neighborhoods. Gated communities often have HOA fees, luxury amenities, and enhanced security features that make them more valuable and, thus, more expensive to live in.

Do I need to qualify to be accepted into a gated community?

Some gated communities require an application process. This allows them to have some control over the types of residents that are accepted into their communities, which keeps these neighborhoods more exclusive. Although this part of the process may not be favorable to prospective buyers, you actually want them to vet people before choosing them to live here. The application process prevents anyone who does not meet certain criteria and standards from purchasing property inside these communities.

What are some of the disadvantages of living in these communities?

As you know, there are many benefits to living in these communities, such as exclusivity, added security, privacy, and amenities. However, there are also a few drawbacks to consider as well. It may be more inconvenient for you to have guests, as there are likely restrictions and visitor tracking in these areas. You also need to expect higher maintenance costs, certain restrictions, and often far locations.

Is crime lower in gated communities?

Because of the added security presence, research has shown that crime rates are significantly lower in gated communities. In fact, it is said that burglary, trespassing, and vandalism are one-third lower than in other neighborhoods. Because of the gate access, around-the-clock surveillance, and presence of security guards, you can feel much safer in these areas.

Do homes in gated communities increase in property value over time?

Typically, these homes are well-maintained over time, which means that they will likely increase in property value. As your community also makes updates to their features, your entire community value will increase as well. While this is not always guaranteed, it is likely that your home will also increase in property value and be attractive to prospective buyers should you choose to sell your home.

These are a few things you should expect when you approach a gated community to be a potential resident. If you want to live in a community that focuses on exclusivity and added security, consider gated communities. Contact us to hear more about our visitor tracking software today.

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