5 Benefits of Automated Gate Access Control

5 Benefits of Automated Gate Access Control

5 Benefits of Automated Gate Access Control

Gate access control is an essential element to owning a gated community that is easy for residents to enter. Without proper gate access, it can be difficult for both residents and their visitors to find their way into the community, and this can cause issues over time. By automating the process of entering the gate using apps, key fobs, and the proper community management software, you can ensure that your residents have the ability to enter their neighborhood freely while still staying safe. These are just a few of the benefits of automated gate access control in your gated community.

Frees Up Time

By having an efficient gate access control, you free up your community staff members for other jobs. This allows them the opportunity to do other tasks to help the neighborhood instead of man the gate for the entire day and night. It also saves you money by not having to worry about hiring a security guard to be there for 24/7. By freeing up your staff’s time, they can then keep your residents happy by tending to their matters more quickly.

Simplifies Access for Residents

Everyone loves a simple and efficient process. When you have gate access control, you can trust that your residents will stay happy because the process to entering the community is so easy. They will not have to worry about waiting for other cars to pass, and they will not have any confusion after they understand the type of access control the community uses.

Prevents Traffic

No one likes waiting in line. This is especially true when you need to wait in line to get into your own home. Residents will become unhappy if they need to wait in a long line to gain access into the gates to their community. By having an efficient gate access control system, you can prevent any traffic from ever building up, which can save everyone the time and hassle they deserve.

Eliminates Tailgating

When you live in a gated community, you expect to have the safety that a gate and fence offer. However, when the gate access is faulty, people can sneak into the community right behind you, which is referred to as tailgating. By having a gate access control system that requires input, key fobs, keycards, or other security features to get into the community, each car will need to stop before they are granted access. This eliminates those who attempt to trespass.

Entices Prospective Residents

Gated communities are already alluring to prospective residents, but an efficient and simple gate access control system can actually make it even more exciting to live here. If you want to attract new residents to your community, you want to have a seamless gate control system.

By automating your gate access control, you can easily monitor track into and out of your gated community. With the use of our community management software, you can enjoy all the perks of gated community living without any hassle. Contact Safehouse Systems to hear more about our software today!

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