5 Advantages of Using a Mobile Guard App

5 Advantages of Using a Mobile Guard App

5 Advantages of Using a Mobile Guard App

Advancing technology leaves many security companies with decisions on whether to use mobile guard apps to communicate and coordinate between the office, guard stations, and guards. Some choose to keep their two-way radios, while others have embraced the new technology. Two-way radios are still reliable and fast, but they do have disadvantages. Communication is not always clear and compared to our digital technology, two-way radios devices limit your options. App-based mobile guard solutions offer many notable benefits to companies ready to switch.

Multi-purpose use

Mobile guard apps are designed with various purposes in mind. For example, they usually offer options for immediate activity reporting, contacting the authorities, scanning NFC chips or barcodes for clearance applications, and more. That is in addition to the other ways mobile devices can assist guards, like recording videos and making phone calls. Furthermore, they have a much better range than two-way radios making them highly beneficial for long patrols.

Tracking and reporting

You can add value to your security with guard app tracking and reporting. Tracking features use GPS technology to track where guards are and provide detailed records of guard and patrol movements that may be required for legal reasons.

Fully synced logging and reporting will allow guards to go paperless for filling out reports. Clear menu instructions and autofill save time and reduce errors. Information can be filed, saved, and sent to the proper sources automatically after completing them so that steps are never overlooked. More advanced apps are available to produce customized reports based on job or state requirements.

No audio cues required

Two-way radios are often loud. Smartphones and guard apps can provide vibration or silent alert options that allow silent communication when necessary or desired. This is great for guards who prefer quiet patrols or like having the opportunity to go radio silent when appropriate. Guards can easily send silent messages to each other and other team members.

Scheduling and planning

Mobile guard apps also allow scheduling and guard management. You can quickly create specific jobs and schedules and assign them to particular guards to avoid confusion and enable quick changes and speedy action when needed. Detailed order options allow your firm to include notes for your guards like concerns from a client or specific instructions to improve performance and job awareness. Guard apps can also log guards in, track their time, and log time clocks to help increase accuracy. Supervisors can view and approve reports quickly to save additional time.

Training and response assistance

Guard app features make onboarding new guards faster and easier. Clear communication and asking for advice or instructions help with proper training and response. Guard apps can also offer training modes and walkthroughs to help guards get acquainted with the process and reduce their errors while assisting them in understanding reporting requirements.

These are five advantages to using a mobile guard app. Call us today if you are ready for the benefits technology offers in the realm of security.

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