4 Ways to Track Visitors in Your Gated Community

4 Ways to Track Visitors in Your Gated Community

4 Ways to Track Visitors in Your Gated Community

Are you struggling with keeping a record of your visitors and managing them? Tracking visitors is very important in gated communities. It will allow you to record who has entered the premises. It will also help you stop any unknown or suspicious person off the property. Some gated communities have rules which do not allow visitors to stay for too long. Hence, if you can keep a real-time record of your visitors, you can enforce your security rules effectively. It is also important for security purposes. If you live in a gated community or you manage these neighborhoods, you will want to know about the different methods to track visitors.

Online Passes

You can generate and send e-passes online for new visitors. Visitors can sign-up for your online portal. After filling in the required particulars for your community’s visitation pass, your system/official can review their request. If you allow them to visit your community, an online e-pass is given to the visitors. Moreover, it could just be a simple pin-code that visitors provide upon arrival at your community. This system is effective because it saves a lot of time and effort for both visitors and community

Physical Records

Keeping physical records and tracking the visitors is still effective. It would be very helpful to hire a security team to maintain a ledger of visitors. The security members will need to physically write down the details of your visitors after verifying their IDs. The guards ensure that the visitors enter their correct details and sign the register. It is also important to check the identity of the visitors. Physical logging of visitors is good, but it is not the best and safest management system.

Customized Passes

Customized passes are a good way to maintain safety and promote a unified theme across your community. You can design your passes in whatever way you desire. Your passes can also use a digital chip to scan at any entrance or security check. An advanced security system can also keep a record of the usage of the passes. You can also enforce a time-out on a card; if the visitor stays longer than the allotted time, it will get canceled.

Bio-metric Recordings

Bio-metric recording is the safest and most effective way. It requires a security system that collects the fingerprints of the visitors. If you use a certified security agency, it can also match the fingerprints against government databases. Fingerprint scanners are seamless and offer consistent logging of the visitors. They are also affordable, as you don’t have to spend a sizeable amount on maintenance.

Security is a primary concern for the residents of a gated community. If you want to ensure that your gated community deals with visitors efficiently, you need to speak with our experts for visitor management software.

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