4 Security Mistakes Your Gated Community Should Avoid

4 Security Mistakes Your Gated Community Should Avoid

4 Security Mistakes Your Gated Community Should Avoid

People interested in living in a gated community expect more than convenient locations, open floorplans, and amenities. They want safe and secure homes for their families. If potential residents do not feel a sense of safety in your community, they will find it elsewhere. And if your current residents have safety problems, they will look for a new place to live.

Property managers need to understand which features attract new residents and help retain them in the future. Unfortunately, one of the most considerable mistakes a property manager can make is putting security on the back burner. Our gatehouse security experts discuss these common security mistakes your gated community should avoid to keep your residents, employees, and properties safe.

Making partial security assessments

It is tough to guard against your risks when you don't know what they are. Assessing your gated community's vulnerabilities will help you better understand your local crime profile, specific risks, and the resources required to protect against them. It is critical to hire a professional security company to perform a comprehensive risk assessment. You should also establish a good relationship with local law enforcement to stay informed on your area's latest security issues and information.

Failure to clarify roles and responsibilities

Communication is vital to every successful relationship, even the relationships with your security team, residents, and staff. You have to establish detailed roles and responsibilities so everyone knows what is expected of them in emergencies. Responsibilities need to be posted and made available to every security team and staff member. They need to include security procedure information, direct law enforcement contacts, and the proper channels for security issue escalation.

Not sharing security information with residents

Your staff and security team should not be the only people aware of your gated community's security features. In many cases, residents act as your staff's eyes and ears and are the first ones to identify potential security threats. Residents should always know who to contact in case of an emergency and be informed of community security protocols to know when things are not functioning as they should. Community managers should hold regular meetings with the security teams and residents to update them on security issues and answer any questions.

Failure to secure all access points

Unsecured access points pose the most significant risks to gated communities. Uninvited guests in a gated community can cause severe disruptions. They might commit crimes like vandalism, physical assaults, loitering, break-ins, and theft that can cost you money and the trust and confidence of your residents. Even gated communities with the most sophisticated gatehouse solutions are not immune to this type of threat. Keep all entrances manned by an experienced, professional security guard, and require regular patrols to ensure that all access gates and electronics are working. Be sure to log anyone who enters or exits the property.

Avoid these security mistakes in your gated community, and contact us today for gatehouse solutions to keep your property more secure. We are here for your protection.

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