3 Tips for Security Guard Management

3 Tips for Security Guard Management

3 Tips for Security Guard Management

Regardless of your industry, managing a mobile workforce is not easy. It can be particularly challenging to manage your security guards. Remember that regular training is essential because security is such a dangerous sector. As a security guard manager, you are fully responsible for your employee’s safety and the safety of the residents in your gated community. But you might have a large workforce across a large area to manage, so it can be challenging to ensure that each worker is professionally completing their duties. Our guard workstation experts recommend these tips for managing your security personnel.

Regularly review training

Training may be to blame if your guards are not performing to your standards. Sometimes initial training is not sufficient, and other times staff members just need a refresh to remember essential details they may have forgotten from their initial training session. The money you invest in training your staff is always well spent, so training is one industry aspect you should never neglect. Professional training will improve your staff’s skills and knowledge and help them feel more confident in their roles and deal with any situation.

You can use a workforce management platform to track staff qualifications and set automatic reminders for when certifications need to be renewed or are about to expire, keeping your team compliant at all times.

Use employee tracking systems

Security managers should utilize remote tracking software to ensure they know where each team member is at all times. For example, managing the time clock with a remote workforce management system allows managers to know if staff members are absent or late and identify if a security guard is not in the right place at the right time or has spent too much time in one place. These systems also help keep your staff safe because you can set alerts to inform you if a guard has not recorded attendance at a planned location. Which often indicates that their safety has been endangered.

Meet with residents

As a manager of a gated community, you will deal with many different personalities, needs, and demands. The best way to ensure that your guards are doing their jobs is to speak with community residents and ask their opinions. Find out if they are happy with the services provided, think the staff is performing well, and have questions about what guards are doing during each shift.

It is challenging to know exactly what your security guards are doing because they have plenty of unsupervised time. However, invest in a workforce management system. You will have an abundance of valuable data available to answer any questions or suspicions about how your guards are behaving on the job. In addition, you can ensure duties are completed promptly and make sure the guards clock into their shifts through the right tracking software.

Follow these tips for managing your security guards. And if you want to keep your gated community safe beyond the guard workstation, call us today to learn more about our visitor management solutions.

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