3 Options for Gated Security Systems

3 Options for Gated Security Systems

3 Options for Gated Security Systems

It is critical to keep entry gates secure. Otherwise, it makes no sense to have them. You keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your property with a secure gate entry system. These systems decrease vandalism, crime, and other issues significantly. However, it can be challenging to determine what system is right for your property, so here is some info to help you make an informed choice.

Access cards, fobs, and keys

One standard solution for access control is the use of access cards, physical keys, or key fobs. These solutions are commonly used at doors, gates, and other entry points only to allow authorized individuals access to certain areas. However, this type of security does have some weaknesses.

First, this security method only works for regular visitors and staff. It does not make practical or logistical sense to give third parties or visitors access cards, so you will need to have a separate system in place for individuals such as this.

In addition, fobs, cards, and keys can be duplicated, stolen, or lost. Unfortunately, it is usually not noticed right away when these things occur, meaning that people may enter your property without authorization and have the opportunity to cause significant issues.

Security guards

Security guards are another standard solution for protecting gated security systems. Guards are a good solution for some of the issues associated with the use of access cards and other entry tools. They can identify every person who tries to enter the property individually, ask critical questions, and ensure only authorized individuals enter.

However, security guards pose potential problems too. One drawback is that security guards often become overwhelmed by their job duties. In addition, when guards handle access to the property, they are typically responsible for managing security issues in other property areas. This means they may be forced to leave their post to deal with different situations, leaving your property vulnerable. You can improve this risk by keeping additional security personnel on staff, which creates additional expenses.

Live remote monitoring

This gated security system solution involves using two-way speakers, cameras, and other tools like sensors and lights to keep your property secure. It allows security agents to be responsible for gated security systems remotely. Cameras can be set up at access points to ensure monitoring and identity verification. In a standard setup, one camera will be used to verify proof of identity while another is focused on their face. Security agents can then check the individual’s identity with an authorized access list. Remote security can communicate with an individual through two-way speakers if additional information is required.

Remote agents can watch over the whole property and protect your gated security system. It is easy for them to see where visitors go and intervene in case of suspicious or criminal activity. They can also assign visitors specific parking spaces and ensure that parking assignments are followed. This gated security system solution results in a more organized and safe property.

Use this information to determine the type of gated security system access that is right for your specific situation. And when you are ready to put a system in place, we have you covered. Call us now for more information.

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