5 Security Features that Keep Your Home Safe

5 Security Features that Keep Your Home Safe

5 Security Features that Keep Your Home Safe

Decorating your new home is likely more exciting than putting safety measures in place. However, a break-in happens every thirty seconds in the States, so protecting your home should be your top priority. Living in a community with security features, like a guard app, can benefit your life. But you will still want to take the steps to secure your home. Here's a list of five simple things you should do right away to ensure your new home is safe.

Set Up a System for Monitoring and Alarms

Your brand-new home should have some security system, whether a simple do-it-yourself system or one with professional monitoring and home automation features. There are many different kinds of home security equipment on the market today to meet the needs of any level of security and budget.

Shut and Lock Every Door

Please do not make it easier for thieves to get in through the front door, which is what 34% of them do. Check all the outside doors of your home to ensure the door frames are strong, the hinges are covered, and the mail slot, if there is one, can't be used to open the door. This step is very important if your door has a mail slot.

If you are moving into a home that someone else lived in before you, you should change the locks on the doors. So, you won't have to worry about random people in your neighborhood walking around with a key to your house, and you'll also be able to make sure that your locks are among the most advanced ones on the market.

Lock Your Windows

Many people do not realize that burglars often look for unlocked or open windows in order to break into homes. When you leave your windows open or even unlocked, they can easily access the inside of your home quickly and, often times, quietly. Check all of the locks on your windows to ensure they are working properly and keeping the windows secure. If you don't like how your window latches operate, you can make your windows safer by installing new locks or levers that work with a key.

Illuminate the Surrounding Area

All kinds of criminals, like vandals, thieves, and others, don't like being in the spotlight. You can keep them away by making sure there is enough light outside. Put lights in your front and back yards, along paths, next to your garage and any other outbuildings, and anywhere else that needs light. You will not only scare off possible burglars but also make it less likely that you will trip and fall on the front stairs.

Shut the Garage Door

More and more criminals are likely to break into your house this way. Even if they can't get into your house, there's a good chance you will have a lot of valuable things hidden in the garage. Make it a habit to lock all the doors to the garage. This includes both the ones that lead inside and the ones that lead outside.

When you live in a safe neighborhood, like a gated community, you can trust that the security features, like the guard app and other community amenities, will help to increase the safety of your home. Contact us to hear more about our security software today.

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